Introduction (Colonel Raymond R. Battreall)


Chronological Order of Articles Posted

08.22.2020: Second Lieutenant and Major General
12.06.2019: Corrupt ARVN Selling Weapons to Viet Cong
03.26.2019: Pacification/Vietnamization and ARVN 5ID
08.28.2018: A New Look at Ia Drang
10.15.2017: Operation Long Reach
08.30.2017: LZ X-Ray Battle (General Knowles)
04.18.2017: My Contributions to the Battle of Ia Drang in Wikipedia
07.13.2016: Operation Dan Thang 21
06.06.2016: A Puzzling Air Assault Performed by 1/7 Air Cavalry at LZ X-Ray
05.21.2016: A Birdís-Eye-View of Pleime Campaign
03.13.2016: Operation Pleime-Chupong B-52 Strike?
02.19.2016: The Use of B-52 Strike in Ia Drang Campaign, General Westmorelandís Best Kept Military Secret
02.15.2016: Excerpts of General Westmorlandís History Notes re: Pleime-Chupong-Iadrang Campaign
02.14.2016: General Hieu Assassinated: Fact and Fiction
02.03.2016: Operation LZ X-Ray
01.29.2016: Colonel Hal Mooreís Self-Aggrandizement in ďWe Were Soldiers Once ... and YoungĒ
01.17.2016: Colonel Hal Moore Misunderstood his Mission at the Ia Drang Battle
10.21.2015: Air War Over Pleime-Chupong
07.04.2015: Brigadier General Tran Quoc Lich, a Victime of an Injustice
07.02.2015: Why Did President Thieu Killed General Hieu?
05.30.2015: TiÍ̉u sử Tướng HiÍ́u qua hình ảnh
05.25.2015: Two new pictures in General Hieu's Album in 1939 and in 1949
05.23.2015: Intelligence Gathering Methods in General Hieu's Assassination
05.07.2015: Shroud over General Hieu's Mysterious Death Unveiled
05.06.2015: Communist Order of Battle in MR3 (31 January 1974)
04.20.2015: Arc Light over Chu Pong Operation
04.03.2015: General Hieu's Life in Photos
03.04.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter XIII: Exceptional Characteristics in General Hieu's Personality
02.14.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter XII: A Mysterious Death
02.07.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter XI: III Corps
01.29.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter X:Vice Presidency
01.23.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter IX: I Corps
01.20.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter VIII: 5th Infantry Division
01.16.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter VII: 22nd Infantry Division
01.14.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter VI: I Corps and II Corps
01.10.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter V: 1st Infantry Division
01.07.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter IV: US Command and General Staff College
01.07.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter III: Early Years of Military Career
01.05.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter II: Officer Cadet, Dalat National Military Academy
01.02.2015: Story About My Brother, General Hieu - Chapter I: Youth Period
12.22.2014: Thieu Ousts Five Defense Aides In Scandal on Retirement Fund
10.10.2014: Perplexing Maneuvers at Pleime-Chupong-Iadrang You Might Be Attempted to Question
08.15.2014: Brigadier General Chuong Dzenh Quay
08.11.2014: LZ Albany Battle - Chinese Observers' Perspective
07.24.2014: Ia Drang Battle Revisited
07.10.2014: Case Study of a Typical Misinterpretation of Ia Drang Battle
07.01.2014: LTC Hal Moore Summoned to a Woodshed Session?
05.02.2014: Catching a Thief Tactic in Pleime Campaign
04.25.2014: Two Different Narrations of Than Phong 7 Operation by II Corps
04.11/2014: Two Different Narrations of LZ X-Ray Battle by II Corps
03.16.2014: Who Is To Be Blamed After the Snoul Battle?
03.06.2014: Vung Ro Victory
10.10.2013: US Air Forceís Roles in Pleime Campaign
09.07.2013: Pleime/Chupong Campaign Destroying B3 Field Front Base
08.31.2013: Review of "Intelligence Aspects of Pleime/Chupong Campaign"
08.22.2013: Intelligence Aspects of Pleime/Chupong Campaign
08.19.2013: Commenting on General Nguyen Huu Anís Account of Pl‚yme Campaign
08.12.2013: A Critique of General Bui Nam Haís Opinions about Pl‚yme Campaign
06.01.2013: My Garden - Summer 2013
04.01.2013: Phuoc Long Situation in December 1974
03.23.2013: General Kinnardís NaÔvetť in Pleime Campaign
03.12.2013: Kung Fu Tactics at Pleime Campaign
03.07.2013: A Few Testimonies Pertaining to General Hieuís Death
03.05.2013: What you still may not know about the Ia Drang Valley battle
01.25.2013: General Hieu and the American Advisors
01.01.2013: Venturing into Lionís Den in Ia Drang Valley
12.24.2012: General Nguyen Van Hieu, an Eminent ARVN General
12.07.2012: General Hieu Viewed by American Authorities
11.10.2012: Than Phong 7
11.07.2012: Biographic Data on MG Nguyen Van Hieu
09.08.2012: Colonel Hieuís Operational Concept for LZ X-Ray
07.04.2012: Command and Control of Arc Light Strike at Chupong-Iadrang
06.30.2012: Arc Light Strike at Chupong-Iadrang Viewed From G3/IFFV
05.26.2012: General Hieu Accompanied President Thieu in a State Visit to Taiwan (May 30, 1969)
05.24.2012: Gen Hieu with Gen Lu Lan and Gen Toan at III Corps HQ (1975)
05.06.2012: LZ X-Ray Battle and LZ Albany Battle Viewed From G3/I Field Force Vietnam
05.01.2012: Long Reach Operation Viewed From G3/I Field Force Vietnam
03.02.2012: Intelligence, the Key Factor in the Pleime Campaignís Victory
03.01.2012: Hal Moore and 1/7th Air Cavalry Battalionís Real Mission at LZ X-Ray
02.12.2012: ARVN Generals and Their Respectives Military Schools
02.08.2012: Who is to be blamed for the Collapse of Saigon in April 1975
01.18.2012: Vietnamese-Cambodian-Laotian Cross Border Operation
01.10.2012: A Doctrinal Lesson on the Use of Arc Lite in Pleime Counteroffensive
01.09.2012: Various Diversionary Moves in Support of Arc Lite Strike in Pleime Counteroffensive
01.08.2012: Arc Lite Operation Planning and Execution in Pleime Offensive
01.06.2012: What if there was no master plan for Pleime Counteroffensive?
12.16.2011: The Uniqueness in Pleime Counteroffensive Operational Concept
12.14.2011: Why Pleime (pdf format)
10.16.2011: A Military Genius in Action at Pleime-Chupong-Iadrang Battlefront
09.02.2011: Video Clips
08.31.2011: I follow by brother's footsteps into skydiving !
08.21.2011: Roll Call of Combatants at Pleime-Chupong-Iadrang Battlefront
08.10/2011: Intelligence Gathering at Ia Drang
28.07.2011: "No Time for Reflection at Ia Drang" ?
22.07.2011: No Time for Reflection: Moore at Ia Drang
07.13.2011: 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion in Support of Pleime Campaign
06.30.2011: Pleime Counteroffensive into Chupong Iadrang Complex
05.04.2011: Behind-the-scenes Activities at Various Allied Headquarters During Pleime Campaign
04.16.2011: E-Book
01.10.2011: General Hieu, a Combat Fighting General?
11.18.2010: What Historians Failed to Tell About the Battle at LZ X-Ray
08.12.2010: First Engagement With American Troops at Pleime-Iadrang
08.06.2010: General Nguyen Van Hieu, A Military Genius?
07.25.2010: New Photos of General Hieu: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5).
07.24.2010: Change of Tenant Ceremony (Video clip)
07.16.2010: Question Concerning General Nguyen Van Hieu's Death
06.28.2010: Command and Control Skills in Pleime Campaign
06.03.2010: Photo of General Hieu with 5th Division 's Officers (Courtesy of Trinh Dinh Tung)
05.12.2010: Pleime Campaign and Pleiku Campaign
04.30.2010: My Garden's Spring 2010 Photos
04.13.2010: General Hieu's children and grand-children in a 35th anniversary commemoration's photo op
04.06.2010: 35th Anniverary
03.29.2010: Military Genius
03.08.2010: Pleiku Campaign
03.03.2010: Than Phong 7 Operation Viewed From G3/I Field Force Vietnam
02.23.2010: Pleime Battle Viewed From G3/I Field Force Vietnam
01.26.2009: New Photo of General Hieu (Courtesy of Ken Bui)
12.11.2009: NVA Colonel Ha Vi Tung at Pleime-LZ Xray-LZ Albany
11.24.2009: A Few Things You Should Know about Pleime-Iadrang Campaign
11.15.2009: General Hieu at Lai Khe Camp
11.13.2009: Ceremony of Lai Khe Base Camp Transfer (Video clip - courtesy of Traditions Military Videos)
09.19.2009: Number 1, Number 2
08.27.2009: An Appraisal of General Tri, III Corps Commander
08.10.2009: Photo of General Le Trung Tuong (Courtesy of Ken Bui)
04.26.2009: "Victory at Pleime Battle" ?
04.16.2009: Tactical Moves in Pleime Battle
03.29.2009: The Two Principal Players of Pleime Chess Game
03.07.2009: Pleime Battle's Diary
02.07.2009: General Hieu, a Tactician with a Strategist's Mind
02.03.2009: General Hieu met with General Minh after the troop retreat out of Snoul (6/1971)
01.18.2009: The Trial of General Dang Van Quang
01.17.2009: With General Nguyen Van Minh (courtesy of Nguyen Ngoc Tung)
01.12.2009: ARVN Generals, Graduates of USACGSC
18.12.2008: ARVN Graduates of US Army Command and General Staff
12.07.2008: Vice President Huong's Speech on Corruption
11.22.2008: The Corruption Case of General Nguyen Van Minh
11.15.2008: Corruption in Military Region 2
11.08.2008: Corruption in Military Region 3
11.02.2008: Corruption Case of Colonel Mach Van Truong
10.24.2008: Duc Hue Battlefront
10.17.2008: General Hieu and Richard Peters
10.11.2008: General Hieu's View of Duc Hue Battlefront
10.09.2008: General Hieu's View of VC Intentions
10.05.2008: General Toan Was Assigned MR3 Commander
10.04.2008: General Dong Was Assigned MR3 Commander
10.03.2008: General Thuan Was Assigned MR3 Commander
10.01.2008: General Hieu's View on Tri Tam Battle
09.30.2008: General Hieu Assigned III Corps Deputy Commander
09.28.2008: 1974 ARVN General Officer Promotions
09.26.2008: March 1975 Troop Deployments in III Corps
09.21.2008: MR3 HQ Describes Near-Term Threats in the Region
09.17.2008: General Hieu's Dead Mentioned in April 09, 1975 Press Summary
09.12.2008: An Dien Battle
09.01.2008: LZ X-Ray After Action Report - LTC Hal Moore and Colonel Hieu
08.25.2008: Thu Duc & Nam Dinh Military Academies and Their Prominent Graduates
07.09.2008: A Few Anecdotes Pertaining To The Helicopter
06.24.2008: Military Situation On April 10, 1975
05.10.2008: General Hieu's Memorial - Spring 2008
05.09.2008: General Hieu's Helicopter
04.14.2008: General Schwarzkopf's NaÔvetť In Ia Drang Battle
03.25.2008: Today, has reached the 1 million hit milestone.
03.22.2008: Requiescat In Pace
03.06.2008: The Ia Drang Valley Battle? Which One?
11.22.2007: Two Perspectives of the March 1965 K'Nak Battle
11.10.2007: Lam Son 719
08.25.2007: Pleime Through New York Times' View
08.14.2007: Seven Days of Zap
08.09.2007: The Death of a Fighting General
08.06.2007: The Patton of the Parrot's Beak
07.27.2007: Hanoi's Rainy-Season Surge
07.12.2007: Photo of Gen. Phan Dinh Soan
07.06.2007: General Timmes and General Hieu
04.10.2007: General Dong's Comments on January 1975 Mlitary Situation in MR3
04.07.2007: General Hieu's Assessment of January 1975 Military Situation in III Corps
04.05.2007: Viet Cong Requested Red China's Aid
03.31.2007: Things the VC Don't Want People To Know at Pleime Battle
03.20.2007: New Video of My Garden
03.18.2007: CIDG in Camp Defense (Plei Me)
03.02.2007: Reviewing "Why Pleime"
02.22.2007: General Hieu's Memorial
02.21.2007: General Hieu's Album
02.11.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter IX: C. Dairy of a VC Cadre
02.08.2007: Video of Graduation Ceremony of 1st Class of Dalat Military Academy
02.08.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter IX: B. Characteristics of the 1st US Air Cavalry Division
02.07.2007: Why Pleime - Acknowlegments
02.05.2007: Why Pleime - Preface
02.04.2007: Why Pleime - Forewords
02.04.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter I: The ViỊ́t Minh 1954 Campaign in the Highlands
02.03.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter II: The Same War with a Big Difference
02.01.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter IX: D. Reference Documents
01.31.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter IX: A. Combat Order for an Ambush by the 32d Regiment
01.29.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter VIII: Conclusion
01.28.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter X: Epilogue
01.27.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter VII: The Viet Cong Frustration
01.24.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter V: The Battle in the Chupong Massif
01.22.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter VI: The Coup de Grace at Ia Drang
01.22.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter IV: Lifting the Siege at Pleime
01.21.2007: Why Pleime - Chapter III: The V.C. Intention at Pleime
01.18.2007: The Unfolding of Strategic and Tactical Moves of Pleime Campaign
01.11.2007: Pleime Campaign or Pleime-Iadrang Campaign?
12.31.2006: Comments on The Political Commissar at the First Battle Against the Americans in Central Highlands
12.23.2006: Major General Bui Dinh Dam
12.22.2006: The Political Commissar at the First Battle Against the Americans in Central Highlands
12.16.2006: Reassessing ARVN (a lecture)
11.24.2006: What Really Happened at Ia Drang Battle
11.23.2006: NVA 66th Regiment in Pleime-Ia Drang Campaign
11.15.2006: The Fog of War: The Vietnamese View of the Ia Drang Battle
11.07.2006: Crushing the American Troops in Western Highlands or in Danang?
10.29.2006: Crushing the American Troops in Central Highlands
10.20.2006: Reassessing the ARVN
10.09.2006: Graduation Ceremony of 1st Class of Dalat Military Academy
09.04.2006: Bach Phuong XI
09.02.2006: Sure Wind 202
08.23.2006: ARVN Commanding Generals Coping with Viet Cong Moles
07.29.2006: General Hieu in Wikipedia
07.02.2006: A Story Told by an ARVN Soldier
05.14.2006: Command Histories of ARVN Divisions
05.10.2006: Colonel Bui Dzinh, VNMA Class 3's Valedictorian
04.22.2006: 1st US Cavalry Division Gives Support in the Battle at Plei Me
04.14.2006: Plei Me Battle
04.07.2006: General Phan Dinh Soan Killed in Helicopter Crash
02.21.2006: Plei Me Fight Stands As War Turning Point
01.22.2006: 3-75 Assessment of the Situation in South Vietnam
01.17.2006: Two Troop Insertions into Do Xa
12.26.2005: The Truth about the Pleime Campaign
12.15.2005: Pleime Campaign
12.12.2005: The Special Forces Jumped in Do Xa
12.07.2005: The Last Christmas: Phuoc Long
11.27.2005: The Last Act in the South
11.22.2005: Binh Duong Battlefronts
11.15.2005: Cambodian Battles
11.05.2005: Abrams Tapes 1968-1972 - Excerpts on ARVN
10.26.2005: Bronze Star of Valor Award
10.25.2005: Brigadier General Nguyen Van Phuoc
10.12.2005: General Hieu and General Creighton Abrams Updated on 10/29/2005
10.04.2005: Tender Loving Care
08.25.2005: Do Xa Operation in New York Times
08.18.2005: Lieutenant General Ngo Dzu
08.08.2005: Military Tandem Tri Hieu
08.02.2005: Snoul Battle and Hanoi Vietnam Press
07.19.2005: 1st Infantry Division Acting Commander
07.17.2005: Assessment of 5th Infantry Division
07.12.2005: South Vietnam Did Not Lack Heroes
06.06.2005: 1st Infantry Division Chief of Staff
05.17.2005: General Hieu Chose Me to be his 2/8th Battalion Commander
05.15.2005: Simplicity, Honesty, Charity
04.12.2005: The Art of Troop Withdrawal
03.15.2005: The Ups and Downs in General Hieu's Military Career Updated on 07/06/2005
02.24.2005: Pacification Program
02.06.2005: Were the ARVNs Any Good?
01.19.2005: A Simple General
01.12.2005: A Harvard Graduate
01.03.2005: General Hieu and Superstition Updated on 10/11/2005
12.13.2004: General Hieu, 3rd Class Tran Hung Dao/MAVN
10.03.2004: Final Report on General Hieu?s Death
09.09.2004: A Few Additional Testimonies Updated on 10/06/2004
08.03.2004: Progress Report on II Corps
07.24.2004: The Selection of 1/8th Battalion Commander
07.07.2004: Defense of Lai Khe Base Camp
05.16.2004: General Tran Van Trung
05.14.2004: General Vinh Loc
04.12.2004: General Vo Van Canh
04.06.2004: Memorial Site Updated on 04/09/2004
04.04.2004: General Hieu Hand-picked his Company Commander
04.01.2004: General Lam Quang Tho
03.27.2004: General Nguyen Huu Co
02.21.2004: The Truth of a Forgotten Battlefield
02.19.2004: General Le Van Ty
02.11.2004: General Tran Thien Khiem
02.01.2004: General Duong Van Minh
01.09.2004: General Nguyen Van Toan
01.08.2004: General Nguyen Khanh
12.07.2003: A Christian Gentleman
12.03.2003: Military Situation on Snoul Battleground
11.15.2003: Problems Encountered By 5th Division in Vietnamization
11.07.2003: New photo of Colonel Hieu at Do Xa Campaign
11.02.2003: VC's Perspective of Snoul Battle
10.29.2003: ARVN Colonels (in Vietnamese)
10.01.2003: Letters From Viet Nam Updated on 10.14.2003
09.16.2003: General Hieu, A Friend of Mine
09.04,2003: Colonel John Hayes, ARVN 5th Division Senior Advisor
08.28.2003: Vice Admiral Lam Nguon Tanh
07.27.2003: ARVN Generals Name List (2)
07.07.2003: General Hieu's Frustration Updated on 08.14.2003
05.12.2002: 5th Infantry Division Commander Updated on 05.31.2003
04.21.2002: 22nd Infantry Division Commander
02.20.2003: Eulogy For Colonel Roy Couch
01.27.2003: Operation Loc Ninh
12.14.2002: Colonel Hieu and Colonel Mataxis, II Corps Chief of Staff and II Corps Senior Advisor
11.29.2002: II Corps Coping With VC's Attacks in Phu Bon, Pleiku And Kontum Provinces
11.24.2002: VC's 1965 Dong Xuan Campaign and II Corps' Strategy
11.16.2002: Rescuing Duc Co CIDG Camp
10.30.2002: Attack and Counter-Attack on Highway 19
10.20.2002: Road-Clearing Operation
10.13.2002: II Corps Chief of Staff Updated on 10.19.2002
10.03.2002: A Sketch of the General Staff Period Updated on 11/16/2002
08.27.2002: Gen. Patton and Gen. Hieu: A Man of Discipline
08.04.2002: US 52nd Aviation Battalion Supporting Do Xa Campaign
07.29.2002: Translation of July 14 Speech by General Hieu
07.25.2002: Hopes and Disappointments of the Anti-corruption Investigator Updated on 09/16/2002
06.30.2002: Brigadier General Tran Van Nhut
06.22.2002: General Hieu and the Delta Clan
06.13.2002: Third Letter Stating the Fact
05.24.2002: Report on SMASF's Scandal
05.17.2002: Corruption Case of Colonel Tran Trong Nghia
05.16.2002: General Hieu's Review of Anti-Corruption Work
05.15.2002: Three Corruption Cases: Dung, Judicial Police and Phung Hoang
05.14.2002: Corruption In Judicial System
05.13.2002: Seven Colonels Were Punished in the SMASF Scandal
05.12.2002: General Hieu's Talk on Special Decree On Corruption
05.11.2002: General Hieu's Talk on Corruption
05.05.2002: Vice-Admiral Hoang Co Minh
05.02.2002: ARVN Generals In 1967
04.21.2002: General Hieu's Apolitical Stance
04.21.2002: Colonel Hieu and the 09/13/1964 Military Putsch
04.16.2002: Military Situation on April 8-9, 1975
04.08.2002: Armor's Slideshow
04.07.2002: Gen. Hieu's Album Slideshow
03.31.2002: General Hieu's Opinion About The Vietnamization Program
02.15.2002: Major General Nguyen Xuan Trang Updated on 03.04.2002
01.17.2002: A Conversation With General Le Minh Dao
01.06.2002: Battle of Duc Co
01.03.2002: General Patton and His Counterpart General Hieu
12.06.2001: Do Xa Strike Mission
11.17.2001: Interview of Richard Peters
10.19.2001: Nguyen Van Thieu
10.17.2001: General Hieu's Page In The Internet
09.09.2001: Deputy Commander Of the Saigon Area Is Found Shot Dead
09.01.2001: General Patton and his Counterpart General Hieu (notes)
08.25.2001: Snoul Battle As Reported By The New York Times
08.24.2001: Thieu Ousts Defense Minister in Scandal
08.19.2001: Vietnamese Army: Marketing the Product
08.07.2001: Khiem's Apparatus: All in the Family
07.27.2001: American Perspective of Pleime Battle
07.25.2001: Vietnam Corruption Case
02.18.2001: The Battle of Xuan Loc
01.14.2001: Commanders of 5Div and 22Div
01.01.2001: A Sinecure Position Updated on 09/16/2002
12.27.2000: Anti-corruption Investigator
12.26.2000: The Corruption Plague
11.25.2000: Vietnam Assessment Report by General Fred C. Weyand, 4/4/1975
09.26.2000: Tribute to Colonel Hieu, 22nd Division Commander
09.18.2000: Vietnam Situation in April 1975
09.15.2000: General Hieu Honored US 3rd Squadron/17th Air Cavalry
09.04.2000: Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker's Cable re: Corruption in South Vietnam, 7/19/1972
08.21.2000: General Nguyen Van Thieu
08.21.2000: General Do Cao Tri
08.21.2000: General Cao Van Vien
08.21.2000: General Le Nguyen Khang
08.21.2000: General Nguyen Van Vy
08.21.2000: General Do Kien Nhieu
08.20.2000: General Vu Ngoc Hoan
08.20.2000: General Linh Quang Vien
08.20.2000: General Chung Tan Cang
08.20.2000: General Tran Van Chon
08.20.2000: General Nguyen Van Chuan
08.20.2000: General Nguyen Bao Tri
08.19.2000: General Hoang Van Lac
08.19.2000: General Tran Van Minh
08.19.2000: General Pham Van Dong
08.18.2000: General Nguyen Cao Ky
08.18.2000: General Tran Van Don
08.18.2000: General Ton That Dinh
08.17.2000: General Huynh Van Cao
08.17.2000: General Hoang Xuan Lam
08.17.2000: General Lam Quang Thi
08.17.2000: General Lu Mong Lan
08.08.2000: The Book Updated on 05.08.2002
08.05.2000: Eagles Claw 800 in the US 1st Cavalry Division's Operations Context Updated on 11.12.2000
08.04.2000: Quarterback versus Head-coach Updated on 09.18.2000
07.30.2000: Dang Van Quang, Thieu's Right-Hand Man
07.30.2000: Admirals and Province Chiefs
07.29.2000: Thieu and Co.
07.28.2000: The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
07.26.2000: From "Last-Ditch Defence" to Collapse
07.26.2000: The Retreat from the Highlands
07.26.2000: Miscellany Updated on 01.14.2001
07.24.2000: General Tran Ngoc Tam
07.23.2000: General Tran Thien Khiem (2)
07.23.2000: General Nguyen Duc Thang
07.23.2000: Name Lists of ARVN Generals Updated on 08.23.2003
07.23.2000: The Mysterious Death of General Hieu
06.21.2000: An All Around Commander
04.01.2000: A Likable Fellow and a Revered Commander Updated on 04.27.2002
02.22.2000: Do Xa Campaign Updated on 11.16.2003
01.23.2000: Possibly A Saint ?
01.09.2000: Cadet Hieu Updated on 10.26.2005
01.02.2000: General Hieu, A Martial Arts Master Updated on 12.09.2001
12.10.1999: General Hieu, A Lonesome General Updated on 02.27.2000
11.17.1999: I Knew The General Updated on 03.07.2006
11.12.1999: Acknowledgments Updated on 12.20.2002
10.12.1999: Foreword Updated on 03.01.2001
10.06.1999: Who Wanted General Hieu Dead ? Updated on 09.13.2003
09.17.1999: General Hieu, A Low-Key And Discreet General Updated on 16.09.2002
08.14.1999: Captain Do Duc's Testimony
07.31.1999: General Hieu Under Colonel Chief of Staff Le Khac Ly's eyes
07.30.1999: Appendix: General Hieu As Mentioned In Books Updated on 02.05.2002
07.27.1999: Battle of Pleime Updated on 09.08.1999
07.27.1999: General Hieu and Tandem Infantry Armor Formula
07.20.1999: Introduction
07.05.1999: General Hieu Died At 12:30 p.m. Or 6:30 p.m. Updated on 07.18.1999
06.25.1999: Psychic Pen Phenomenon (2) Updated on 03.10.2004
04.23.1999: General Hieu, A Competent General Updated on 10.08.2004
03.09.1999: ARVN Generals Updated on 08.21.2000
02.14.1999: Graduates of VNMA Class 3 And General Hieu. Updated on 11.04.1999.
02.03.1999: General Hieu As Chessman in President Thieu's Chess Game Updated on 12.12.2002.
01.24.1999: Second Letter Stating the Fact Updated on 08.29.1999
01.12.1999: Virtuous and Religious Traits of General Hieu Updated on 03.06.2004
12.31.1998: Deputy Commander of the 3rd Corps Updated on 12.30.2001
12.15.1998: What Does The US Army Know About My Brother's Death Updated on 11.18.2000
11.26.1998: General Hieu and his Americans' Contacts
11.25.1998: Planning Conference With 1st Infantry Division (US)
11.23.1998: General Hieu Moving His Headquarters to Lai Khe
11.23.1998: Epilogue: A Psychic Pen Phenomenon Updated on 02.15.1999
11.12.1998: Pictures of Armored Vehicles Updated on 03.21.1999
11.02.1998: The Unique Combat Style of General Hieu Updated on 12.25.1999
10.18.1998: General Hieu In His Rapport With Others. Updated on 06.15.2002
09.25.1998: Valiant General Nguyen Van Hieu Updated on 03.17.2001
09.25.1998: Preface: A Self-Expression
09.24.1998: US Army Command and General Staff College's Report Card
09.22.1998: General Hieu's Album. Updated on 09.28.1999
09.20.1998: Operation Snoul Updated on 07.22.2005
09.17.1998: General Hieu's Meeting with his Commanders
09.15.1998: Orders of Operation
09.12.1998: A Discussion Session between General Hieu and General McAuliffe
09.10.1998: Evaluation of ARVN 22nd Division
09.10.1998: American Advisor's Evaluation on General Hieu
09.06.1998: Sensor Operations Updated on 08.14.2000
09.05.1998: Operation Total Victory 8/B/5
09.04.1998: Operation Total Victory 46
09.03.1998: His Military Career Updated on 10/19/2002
09.03.1998: General Kills Self In Saigon Dispute Updated on 12.25.1999
09.02.1998: I Asked the CIA About My Brother's Death Updated on 12/24/2000
08.26.1998: American Advisors' Evaluation of 5th Division's Officers
08.25.1998: Cover-Up of General Hieu's Death
08.22.1998: First Letter Stating the Fact
08.21.1998: General Hieu's Parents
08.20.1998: Operation Eagles Claw 800
08.20.1998: Portrait of a Competent and Virtuous General
08.19.1998: Letters from the Front-Line
08.17.1998: General Hieu's Family Evacuation Updated on 08.07.1999
08.15.1998: A Patriot
07.30.1999: Readers' Comments Updated on 10.09.2016
07.15.1998: My Brother, General Hieu Updated on 09.11.2001
07.15.1998: My Brother's Death Updated on 12.17.2000
07.15.1998: The Retreat of Snoul