General Hieu, A Friend of Mine

(It took me five years to find Colonel John Hayes, Senior Advisor of ARVN 5th Infantry Division, with the help of James Miguez and Colonel David Hackworth. My deepest gratitude to these two kind persons. Colonel Hayes sent me this photo with the following note.)

9 September 2003

Dear Mr. Nguyen:

Here is the picture I told you about taken with your Brother at his headquarters helicopter pad at Cu Chi or Di An. I can't remember the base camp name exactly.

Anyway you can see his division patch on the side, the 5th Division, Army of Viet Nam.

Your Brother was my friend apart from our professional relationship of senior advisor to the Vietnamese Division Commander.

Professionally, your Brother was a great officer and commander and although I left Viet Nam in 1970, I am sure he remained a loyal officer and soldier to his country until his untimely death. No matter what I have heard of his death, I know he was a patriot and remained loyal to his high principles until the end.

I will never forget Gen. Hieu. Soldiering with him in III Corps Tactical Zone, Vietnam and during the invasion of Cambodia was an honor and treasured memory of mine.

I wish you every happiness to you and your family here in the U.S. Hope someday to meet you.

John G. Hayes
Colonel Retd
US Army

Nota Bene - On the photo are these following words:

To my friend Colonel John G. Hayes

Senior Advisor, 5th Infantry Division

Enjoyed very much the flying,

But would have enjoyed more,

The two together, the jumping

and sky-diving.

Major General Nguyễn Văn Hiếu

I follow by brother's footsteps into skydiving !