ARVN Officers Attending
US Army Command and General Staff College
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
From August 1955 to June 1975
NumberClassFirst NameLast NameRankArmCourse
00155-56Ho Tran Van Major Inf Reg
00255-56 Loc Vinh Major Armor Reg
00355-56TriNguyen BaoMajorInfReg
00456-57ChieuTran ThanhMajorInfReg
00556-57ChuongTruong VanMajorInfReg
00656-57DamBui DinhMajorInfReg
00756-57KhuongHuynh VanMajorInfReg
00856-57Xuan MichelNguyen VinhMajorInfReg
01056-57VienCao VanMajorInfReg
01157-2ChuanNguyen VanLTCInfAssoc
01257-2CoNguyen HuuColonelInfAssoc
01357-2DinhTon ThatColonelInfAssoc
01457-2LamDuong NgocLTCArmorAssoc
01557-2Nhat Le VanLTCInfAssoc
01657-2NhonBui HuuLTCArtyAssoc
01757-2ThieuNguyen VanLTCInfAssoc
01857-2TrongLe QuangLTCInfAssoc
01957-58LiemDang ThanhLTCInfReg
02057-58LiemKy QuangMajor AbnReg
02157-58NhanDo Ngoc Major InfReg
02257-58QuangDang Van LTC InfReg
02357-58TonHuynh Van Major InfReg
02457-58TuanNguyen Q Major Inf AbnReg
02557-58XungTon ThatColonel InfReg
02658-1DucDuong VanBrig GenInfAssoc
02758-1KhanhNguyenColonel InfAssoc l
02858-1LanLu MongLTC InfAssoc
02958-1LuyenLe HuyLTC InfAssoc
03058-2HoangThai QuangMaj Gen InfAssoc
03158-2KiemNguyen VanLTC InfAssoc
03258-2MinhDuong VanMaj Gen InfAssoc
03358-2MinhTran VanMaj Gen InfAssoc
03458-59DongPham VanColonelInfReg
03558-59HanhNguyen HuuLTCInfReg
03658-59HonCao HaoLTC InfReg
03758-59HongNguyen Trieu LTC InfReg
03858-59HuyenTran Ngoc LTCArtyReg
03958-59PhatLam Van LTC InfReg
04058-59ThangNguyen Duc LTC InfReg
04159-1CaoHuynh VanLTC InfAssoc
04259-1DongVuong Van LTC AbnAssoc
04459-1KimLe Van Brig Gen ArtyAssoc
04559-1VienLinh Quang Colonel InfAssoc
04659-1XuanMai Huu Brig Gen Assoc
04759-2DoDo HuuMajorInf Assoc
04859-2KhuongNguyenColonelSignC Assoc
04959-2LacHuynh VanMajorInf Assoc
05059-2LeNguyen NgocMaj GenInf Assoc
05159-2QuangVuMajorInf Assoc
05259-2SangNguyen ThanhMajorInf Assoc
05359-2TamTran NgocBrig GenGen Off Assoc
05459-2TriDo CaoColonelAbn Assoc
05559-60 Hinh Nguyen Duy Major Armor Reg
05659-60 Lamson Phandinh Thu Colonel Abn Inf Reg
05759-60 Phan Tran Van Lt Cdr Navy Reg
05859-60 Thuong Tran Van LTC Inf Reg
05960-1 Dzinh Bui LTC Inf Assoc
06060-1 Khiem Tran Thien Colonel Inf Assoc
06160-1 To Ho Van Brig Gen Inf Assoc
06260-1 Xich Nguyen Duc Major Inf Assoc
06360-2Ca Nguyen Major Inf Assoc
06460-2 Dinh Vo Major Air Force Assoc
06560-2 Phuoc Le Van Major Inf Assoc
06660-2 Thuy Dang Dinh Major Inf Assoc
06760-61 Dinh Bui Quang LTC Inf Reg
06860-61 Tap Le Major Trans Reg
06960-61 Manh Nguyen Van LTC Inf Reg
07060-61 Nhu Nguyen The Colonel Inf Reg
07161-1 NghiNguyen Vinh Major Inf Assoc
07261-1 Phuoc Tran Major Air Force Assoc
07361-1 Thuan Do Trong Major Inf Assoc
07461-1 Trang Nguyen Xuan Colonel Arty Assoc
07561-2 Phong Lam Quang Major Civil Guard Assoc
07661-62 Chieu Pham Xuan Brig Gen Inf Reg
07761-62 Luan Le Minh Major Air Force Reg
07862-1Phong Tran Thanh LTC Inf Assoc
07962-1 Sang Pham Ngoc LTC Air Force Assoc
08062-1 Thien Nguyen Van LTC Armor Assoc
08162-1 Tung Phan Dinh Major Arty Assoc
08262-1 Yeu Dam Quang LTC Inf Assoc
08362-2 Ho Nguyen LTC Inf Assoc
08462-2 Tho Le Van Major Inf Assoc
08562-2 Thuan Pham Quoc Major Inf Assoc
08662-2 Tuan Vu Ngoc Major Inf Assoc
08762-63 Long Ta Thanh Major Inf Reg
08862-63 Song Ly Trong LTC Inf Reg
08963-1 Du Ngo LTC Inf Assoc
09063-1 Lan Phan Dang LTC Engr Assoc
09163-1 Nhon Pham Huu Major Inf Assoc
09263-1 Toan Nguyen Huu Major Inf Assoc
09363-1 Truong Nguyen Dinh Major Inf Assoc
09463-2 Giai Do Ke Major Abn Assoc
09563-2 Hieu Nguyen Van Major Inf Assoc
09663-2 Ngon Dang Thien Major Inf Assoc
09763-2 Thinh Nguyen Xuan LTC Arty Assoc
09863-64 Duyen Tran Dinh Major Inf Reg
09963-64 Ty Nguyen Van Major Inf Reg
10064-1 An Dao Duy Major Arty Assoc
10164-1 Boi Tham Nghia Major Armor Assoc
10264-1 Nhieu Le Van Major Inf Assoc
10364-1 Thi Lam Quang LTC Arty Assoc
10464-1 Tho Lam Quang Major Armor Assoc
10564-2 An Truong Quang Major Abn Inf Assoc
10664-2 Canh Vo Van Major Inf Assoc
10764-2 Phu Tran Thanh Major Armor Assoc
10864-2 Thao Pham Ngoc LTC Inf Assoc
10964-65 Minh Tran Duc Major Inf Reg
11064-65 Nhat Cao Khac Major Inf Reg
11164-65 Oai Tran Tu Brig Gen Inf Reg
11264-65 Tuong Dao Trong Major Arty Reg
11365-1Bach Nguyen Van Major Engr Assoc
11465-1 Cuong Tran Van LTC Inf Assoc
11565-1 Diem Nguyen Hien LTC Arty Assoc
11665-1 Diep Huynh Ngoc Major Inf Assoc
11765-1 Doan Nguyen Hop Major Inf Assoc
11865-1 Soan Phan Dinh LTC Arty Assoc
11965-1 Than Le Van Major Arty Assoc
12065-1 Tho Dao Ngoc LTC Inf Assoc
12165-1 Trien Le Ngoc LTC Inf Assoc
12266-1 Bang Nguyen Dinh LTC Armor Assoc
12366-1 Binh Le Quang LTC Inf Assoc
12466-1 Cam Tran Van LTC Armor Assoc
12566-1 Chan Nguyen LTC Engr Assoc
12666-1 Chi Lu Mong LTC Inf Assoc
12766-1 Chieu Nguyen Linh Colonel Inf Assoc
12866-1 Di Tran Ba LTC Inf Assoc
12966-1 Dieu Khieu Huu Major Inf Assoc
13066-1 Dinh Le Ngoc Major Inf Assoc
13166-1 Hop Do Quy Cmdr Navy Assoc
13266-1 Hy Ly Ba LTC Inf Assoc
13366-1 Khoat Vo Major Inf Assoc
13466-1 Khuong Buu LTC Inf Assoc
13566-1 Kiem To Van Major Inf Assoc
13666-1 Lam Nguyen Tai Colonel SigC Assoc
13766-1 Lieu Doan Viet Major Arty Assoc
13866-1 Loi Ngo Van Major Inf Assoc
13966-1 Ly Le Khac LTC Inf Assoc
14066-1 Man Pham Van LTC Arty Assoc
14166-1 Nghia Tran Trong Major Inf Assoc
14266-1 Phung Nguyen Phi Major Inf Assoc
14366-1 Tin Le Tri Major Arty Assoc
14466-1 Tu Nguyen Van LTC TransC Assoc
14566-1 Tuan Nguyen (Khac Cung)LTC Armor Assoc
14666-1 Van Tran Van Major AG Assoc
14766-1 Ve Cao Xuan Major GM Assoc
14867-1 Ba Vo Van Major Armor Assoc
14967-1 Chuc Nguyen Van LTC Engr Assoc
15067-1 Diep Huynh Ngoc LTC Armor Assoc
15167-1 Diep Dao Ngoc Major Arty Assoc
15267-1 Do Tran Huu Major Inf Assoc
15367-1 Hiep Le Ngu LTC Inf Assoc
15467-1 Hue Tran Van Major Inf Assoc
15567-1 Luy Do Dinh LTC Inf Assoc
15667-1 Luyen Hoang Van Colonel Inf Assoc
15767-1 Ly Duong Van Major Engr Assoc
15867-1 Ninh Hoang Duc Major Inf Assoc
15967-1 Phu Nghiem Van Cdmr Navy Assoc
16067-1 Phuong Nguyen Trieu Major Inf Assoc
16167-1 Qui Tran Vinh LTC Inf Assoc
16267-1 Sang Duong Phun LTC Inf Assoc
16367-1 Sinh Vong Kim LTC Inf Assoc
16467-1 Tam Ho Ngoc Major Inf Assoc
16567-1 Te Doan Van Major Inf Assoc
16667-1 Thanh Vo Dai LTC Inf Assoc
16767-1 Tho Hoang Dinh LTC Inf Assoc
16867-1 Tho Le Van Major Arty Assoc
16967-1 Thu Tran Quoc LTC Inf Assoc
17067-1 Thua Duong Van Major Inf Assoc
17167-1 Tuan Nguyen Khac LTC Inf Assoc
17267-1 Tuoi Tran Van LTC Inf Assoc
17267-1 Xuan Dao Mong Major Inf Assoc
17467-68 Chung Pham Kim LTC Arty Reg
17567-68 Do Duong Van LTC Armor Reg
17667-68 Lap Nguyen Tho LTC Inf Reg
17767-68 Loc Nguyen Van LTC Inf Reg
17867-68 Luong Phan Huy LTC Inf Reg
17967-68 Sanh Nguyen Phu LTC Inf Reg
18067-68 Thanh Do Duong LTC Inf Reg
18167-68 Tin Tran LTC Armor Reg
18268-69 Bay Truong Colonel Inf Reg
18368-69 Dong Pham Cao Colonel Arty Reg
18468-69 Hien Nguyen Van LTC TransC Reg
18568-69 Hoa Le Khac LTC Inf Reg
18668-69 Khai Ho Si LTC Arty Reg
18768-69 Mai Nguyen Huu Colonel SigC Reg
18868-69 Tiep Cao Minh LTC Inf Reg
18969-70 Bich Ngo Nhu LTC CA Reg
19069-70 Kiem Nguyen Huu LTC Inf Reg
19169-70 Ngoc Pham Tan LTC MI Reg
19269-70 Quay Chuong-Dzenh Colonel Inf Reg
19369-70 Sau Nguyen Ngoc LTC FA Reg
19469-70 Son Vu LTC Inf Reg
19569-70 Tran Nguyen Van LTC FA Reg
19669-70 Tue Ngo Le Colonel Inf Reg
19770-71CongDuong NgocLTCInfReg
19870-71DiepNguyen NgocColonelReg
19970-71DongNgo HanColonelArtyReg
20070-71DuHuynh VanColonelArmorReg
20170-71DueNguyen HuuColonelInfReg
20270-71HungNguyen QuangLTCInfReg
20370-71KhoiVo DaiLTCInfReg
20470-71KiemHuynh ThienLTCInfReg
20570-71LocNguyen Tien LTCArty Reg
20670-71MinhNguyen TuanLTCAbnReg
20770-71VyLe NguyenColonelInfReg
20871-72HaiVo KimLTCArty Reg
20971-72HuyKha VangColonelArmorReg
21071-72KietNguyen QuangColonelRangerReg
21171-72LanHoang CoColonelAbnReg
21271-72NhaNguyen VanLTCInfReg
21371-72PhiHuynh LongLTCAbnReg
21471-72PhiTrinh DinhLTCArtyReg
21571-72TangNguyen VanLTCInfReg
21671-72ThoanTran VanLTCArmorReg
21771-72ThomHuynh VanLTCInf Reg
21871-72TuongCao DangColonelInf Reg
21972-73ChungHa BaLTCInfReg
22072-73DatVu BaLTCInfReg
22172-73HaiPham VanLTCInfReg
22272-73HungNguyen Ba ManhLTCInfReg
22472-73KhoiTran QuangColonelArmorReg
22572-73NhuanDang DucLTCInfReg
22672-73TruongNguyen CaoLTCInfReg
22873-74KhaNguyen VanLTCAGReg
22973-74KhoiDo TrongLTCSFReg
23073-74ManHuynh MinhLTCOrdnanceReg
23173-74TuanPham VanLTCArtyReg
23374-75HaoNguyen VanLTCInfReg
23474-75LaiHuynh VinhLTCInfReg
23574-75SinhPhan TrongLTCInfReg
23674-75ThuongTran Van LTCInfReg

It is worthwhile mentioning that LTC Nguyen Van Thieu's, LTC Le Quang Trong's and LTC Le Quang Binh's names do not appear in the Class of 1957-2's graduation roster and in the Class of 1965-2's graduation roster. The document indicates, in the case of particular case of LTC Binh that he "departed Post 9 Nov 65 due to death of his wife. He received a diploma"., but does not give a reason in the cases of LTC Thieu and LTC Trong. Furthermore, in the article on LTC Le Quang Trong, Ngo Xuan Dinh, a Marine Corps officer, stipulates that in 1958 LTC Trong went to Okinawa together with LTC Thieu to attend the course in Combined Operations and does not mention about the US Army Command and General Staff College.

The Regular Courses and the Associate Courses (Session 1: January to May; session 2: August to December)lasted 42 weeks and 16 weeks respectively.

The rank and branch given here are of the date of graduation.

Nguyen Van Tin
18 December 2008.

Updated on 30 November 2014