General Tran Thien Khiem

09/1969 to 04/1975Prime Minister/Defense Minister.
1969 to 09/1969Deputy Prime Minister
05/1968 to 1969Interior Minister.
10/1965 to 05/1968Emmbassador to Taiwan.
10/1964 to 10/1965Emmbassador to the United States.
07/1964Promoted to General.
01/1964 to 09/1964Defense Minister/Chairman of Joint General Staff.
12/1963 to 01/1964 III Corps Commander.
11/1963 Promoted to Lieutenant General.
12/1962Promoted to Major General.
12/1962 to 11/1963Inter-Arms Chief of General of Staff.
02/1960 to 12/1962 21st Infantry Division.
1958 to 02/1960 4th Field Division Commander.
1957 to 1958Attended High Command and General Staff in USA.
08/1957Colonel, Chief of Joint General Staff.
07/1954Captain then Major, Deputy Chief of General Staff/Logistics, JGT.
07/1948 1st Lieutenant, South Vietnam Militia Guards.
1946 to 1947Aspirant, NCO School of Vien Dong (Dap Da)

Nhan Huu Hiep