Sacramento 01 March 1999.

Dear Nguyen Van Tin,

I got your letter and was very touched in receiving news from the younger brother of a classmate that had passed away.

I had met Nguyen Van Hieu, a cadet officer class of Tran Hung Dao in 1950, when the South Vietnam army started to train commanders for its armed forces. His military career had climbed up gloriously, assuming the Command of 22nd Division, 5th Division and Deputy Corps Commander with the rank of Major General.

The Major General did go to Danang to assist me as my 1st Corps Deputy Commander during a short period of time. I apologize to Ta Thanh Long for not remembering this transfer in our January 2, 1999 reunion.

He possessed an even-tempered, loyal and pleasant character. Tran Hung Dao's classmates all cherished the Major General and held many good memories pursuant to our annual class reunions or military situation review briefings. The Major General died due to a pistol accident at the 3rd Corps Headquarters after he had presided over an operational meeting. All of us, his classmates, were devastated at the sad news.

A life cut short, especially as a young man during war time, very few came back from the front-line. We, class of Tran Hung Dao, are very proud for having a friend as loyal and as self-confident as Major General Nguyen Van Hieu.

May the Major General's family find way to alleviate their pain and put their faith in the glorious and free future of our country.

Hoang Xuan Lam