Eulogy For Colonel Roy E. Couch
Major General Nguyen Van Hieu, 5th Div. Commanding General
Thu Dau Mot, 10 February 1970

Distinguished guests, Colonel Hayes, and members of advisory team 70:

We are assembled here today to pay our respects to Colonel Roy E. Couch. It is hard to believe that Colonel Couch is no more among us, among our organization, among our division.

When the news of the fatal accident reached the division headquarters on that afternoon of 7 February, it must have been a shock to all the members of the advisory team. I was myself in a state of shock, for I was a few steps in front of him when it happened.

I knew Colonel Couch in August 1969 when I arrived here to take command of the 5th infantry division. At that time he was assigned as the senior advisor to the 9th regiment and shortly after that, I have come to know him very well when he was assigned as the deputy senior advisor to the division. To all of you who have been closely associated with Colonel Couch, and I think that you all agree that he was a real professional soldier, dedicated to his duty, quiet but very efficient, always showing an understanding to everyone.

To me, as we became really acquainted through the daily contact at the division headquarters, he was not only a gallant soldier, but he also was a close friend.

I would like, on behalf of all the officers and men of the 5th infantry division, to express our deep sorrow and sympathy for the loss of a good officer, a good man, and a true friend.

General Tri, the III Corps Commander has asked me to convey his sympathy and condolences.

And again, I would like to express to you Colonel Hayes and all the members of advisory team 70- my deep sympathy and I would like to ask you to convey my personal deep sympathy and condolence to Mrs. Couch and family.

(Courtesy of Mrs. Couch)