Lieutenant General Vinh Loc

Born in 1926 in Hue.
04/29/1975Lieutenant General, Chief of Joint General Staff.
1969 - ? Lieutenant General, Head of South Vietnamese Military Delegation.
03/1968 - 1969Lieutenant General, Director of College of Defense.
10/1966Promoted to Lieutenant General.
06/1965Promoted to Major General.
08/1964Promoted to Brigadier General.
06/1965 - 03/1968 Major General, II Corps Commander.
1964/1965 Colonel/Brigadier General, 9th Division Commander.
01/11/1963Promoted to Colonel.
11/1963 - 02/1964Colonel, Deputy Chief of Staff/Operations, JGS.
1960/1963Lieutenant Colonel, Director of Van Kiep Training Center.
1956/1960Major, Instructor at Military College.
1955/1956Major, attending US Army Command and General Staff.
1954/1955Major, 1st Armored Regiment Commander.
1952/1954Captain, Armored Company Commander.
Infantry-Armored Combined Force of 2nd Division.
1950-1952Lieutenant, Personal Officer of Bao Dai Emperor.
1949/1950Graduated of Phu Bai (Hue) Officers School.
Graduated of Saint Saumur Armored School (France)

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