General Duong Van Minh

Born in 1916 in Vinh Long.
On 04/30/1975 President of South Vietnam
From 12/1964 to 1968 Embassador to Thailand
From 11/1963 to 12 /1964 Chairman of Military Revolutionary Committee (Chief of State)
From 12/1962 to 11/1963Advisor to the Presidency
From 07/1957 to 12/1962 Chief of Operations Command
On 02/01/1957Promoted to Lieutenant General.
From 08/1956 Secretary General at the Defense Ministry
On 10/23/1955 Promoted to Major General
From 08/1955 Colonel, Commander of Hoang Dieu Campaign
On 05/03/1955Colonel, Commander of Capital Military District
1954 - 1955 Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of Saigon Region
1953 - 1954Major and Lieutenant Colonel, Military Region 1 Chief of Staff
1952 - Captain, assigned at Southern Governor Bureau
1946 - Lieutenant, French Army
Graduated Thu Dau Mot NCO School

Nhan Huu Hiep

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