Lieutenant General Tran Van Trung

Born in 1925.
06/1965 - 04/30/1975 Lieutenant General, Chief of Political Warfare Department.
1972Promoted to Lieutenant General.
1968 Promoted to Major General.
1964 Promoted to Brigadier General.
1964 - 1965Brigadier General, Superintendent of Thu Duc Infantry School.
1964 - Colonel, Superintendent of Dalat Military Academy.
1963 - 1964Colonel, Head of G1/JGS concurrently Director of Personnel/Defense Ministry.
1958 - 1963Colonel, Special Inspector of Youth in Center Vietnam.
1955 - 1958Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Director of Psychological Warfare/Defense Ministry.
Concurrently Head of G5/JGS.
1953 - 1955Captain, 27th Battalion Commander.
1948 - 1952First Lieutenant, Lieutenant, 1st Battalion.
1947 - 1948Graduated First Lieutenant (Class of Bao Dai) Dap Da (Hue).

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