Long Reach Operation Viewed From G3/I Field Force Vietnam
(01 November 1965 – 13 November 1965)

Following are entries pertaining to Long Reach Operation, encompassing All The Way Operation and Silver Bayonet I Operation, extracted from the Daily Journal kept by G3 General Staff of the US I Field Force, stationed in Nha Trang.

01 November 1965

- 10:30H: 1st Cav – Between 01/0730 and 0830, 1/9 Cav element vic ZA 074038. Personnel armed primarily w/grenades. Some were wearing khaki uniforms and found a hospital w/2 surgical tables and instruments.

- 11:45H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) B/2/17 has moved into area JIM. Loc NW of psn GRAPE. Is secured by 2/8 Cav. A/2/19 is still loc in Pku. No info has reached the DTOC of a pending move. 2/19 (-) is vic psn CHARGER CITY, being secured by 1/12 Cav.

- 16:00H: 1st Cav (Maj Custer) vic YA 945173 A & D/2/8 displaced to area as of 1500. B/2/8 displaced to area JAY YA 943130. A/1/12 displaced to ZA 079030 to support 1/9.

- 17:15H: 1st Cav (Lt Brown) Est 1 VC Bn vic ZA 050030. In contact w/1/9 Cav at 1710. VC: 60 KIA, 40 VCC; 20 frd KIA & WIA.

- 17:30H: 1st Cav – At 1600 vic ZA 0603 units closed.

- 19:00H: 1st Cav – Op Long Reach: As of 1900H 50 KIA 21 VCC, hospital site ZA 119039.

- 22:10H: 1st Cav Maj Henderson – VC cas Fwd opn MACV. Total KIA (BC) 99, VCC 44, VCS 16. Breakdown: YA 8930, KIA 2, VCC 7, VCS 16, ZA 0704, KIA 97, VCC 37, VCS 0. Some VCC are WIA.

- 23:20H: 1st Cav – Statics fm 1st Cav – 4 KIA Frd, 37 WIA of which 20 evacuated to Nha Trang. 17 to pleiku. VC 99 KIA total. 44 VCC, 16 VCS.

- 24:00H: Op Summary for period 010001H to 012400H Nov 65. 1st Cav – 1/9 Cav elem discovered a VC Hosp at 010730 vic ZA 074038. Hosp destroyed. At 0950 a recon patrol was fired on by VC sniper. 1 US KIA, vic BR 33549. At 01100H 1/12 using CS gas on en bunkers. No En contact. In vic YA 9030. Est VC Bn vic ZA 050030 in contact with 1st Bde elem. Cas VC 60 KIA, 40 VCC, 20 Frd cas. Total VC 99 KIA, 44 VCC, 16 VCS. Frd 4 KIA 37 WIA.

02 November 1965

- 00:05H: MACV Sgt Glennon – Questions. 1. What time was track repaired. 2. Request following info no later than 0500, to clear up all info previously rec’d. a. We hold that activity occurred at three locations in Plei Me area yesterday. They are Psn #1. ZA1103, #2. YA 8929 and #3 ZA 0503. For all these area 1 separate ans for each area. (1) Beginning and termination time of action. (2) Frd and VC forces involved. (3) Frd and VC cas. (4) Equipment lost or captured. (5) Air Support flown. (6) Extent of contact. B. Brief description of hospital at psn #1. C. Status of evac of Frd KIA and WIA. D. Time loc, casue, type of A/c and crew condition and evac for the helicopters that have gone down.

- 05:05H: MACV Sgt Glennon – Summary of info requested. Question 2. Ref Opn Long Reach. Generally there were two areas of contact by 1st Bde, 1st Air Cav (Scorpian) on 1 Nov. One action was a village Search vic YA 895305. The other action, which initiated at two different loc: ZA 074083 and ZA 050030. Subsequently, the frd forces employed here consolidated efforts in the area and as developed is considered as one action. The village search was made by A and B of 1/12 Cav (Scorpian) who moved into the area on foot approx. 0515H. Sporadic SA was encountered during the search which began 0615H and lasted until approx. 1200H. Results of this search included 7 VCC, 16 VCS and 2 VC KIA (BC). At approx. 0700 an air recon elem fm 1/9 Cav sqdn (Scout) observed est 8-20 VC in Kakhi uniforms vic ZA 074083. VC dispersed in wooded area. At about the same time a VC hospital was located, later reported to be at ZA 119039. A ground element, plt sized, was lifted into the area where VC were initially seen to disperse. Contact was subsequently made about 1050H and A/2/12 Cav was committed to reinforce the 1/9 Cav element, followed by 1 plt each fm 1/12 and 2/8 which were lifted into the area. By about 1300 hrs 1/9 Cav reported 50 VC KIA (BC) and 21 VCC w/grenades. B/1/8 was later committed to the area along with other elements. Frd forces then included A/1/9, B/1/8, 1 plt/B/2/8, A/2/12, A/1/12 supported by A/2/19. As situation developed it was estimated that contact was with a VC Bn vic ZA 050030. Contact was maintained until about 1900 hrs. A/1/9 was extracted about 1800 hrs. 1/12 is now the control HQ. Final reports in this action list VC losses at 97 VC KIA, 37 VCC. Some VCC are WIA. Frd losses: Village Search: 2 WIA. Contact vic Hosp: 4 KIA, 37 WIA. VCC have been evac to 1st Bde base. Frd cas have been evac to Nha Trang and Pleiku. Detail info on hospital is not yet available however appears to be extensive. Two surgical tables and numerous tools and equipment are reported. Extraction is planned, detailed report and description will follow.

- 05:30H: 1st Cav (Capt Brady) 1st Bde for 1 Nov had 8 air sorties (Opn Long Reach) Plans for today: (air sorties only), 2d Bde: 1/8 (-) & 1/5 will change areas today. 3d Bde: No change. 1st Bde: No change, will operate in same general areas.

- 08:00H: 1st Cav (Maj Custer) 2 choppers downed in action on 01 Nov vic ZA 050030 and YA 790070 were recovered shortly after dark yesterday.

- 10:15H: 1st Cav (Maj Custer-Maj Anderson) Correct location of hospital is ZA 074038. During course of opn in the VC Hospital area yesterday 1st Bde elem involved had est VC Bn in pursuit. There was one continuous action which ended vic ZA 048030. Ref Long Reach today: A/1/12 reported contact made w/est VC Co at 0910H in village where contact was made yesterday (vic YA 895305). Results: 3 VC KIA, 3 VCC, 2/20 AER Arty this morning, time unk, attacked a target vic YV 972968 in support of 1/9 Cav elem, est 245 VC KIA.

- 14:35H: 1st Cav (Maj Custer) Final results of 1st Bde opn on 1 Nov: 80 VC KIA (BC), 57 KIA (EST). Observed 35 WIA, est 59 WIA. Took 26 VCC, 21 VCS. Wpns captured: 6 rifles, 4 SMG, 2 mock pistols, 2 IMG, 2 pistols and 156 grenades.

- 15:25H: 1st Cav (Rear) (Capt Hopper) At 0805 1/9 observed 25 persons dressed in black & brown. Some wearing helmets vic YV 972943. TAC air called. No cas est. At 0845 1/9 fired aerial rocket Arty fire at bunker vic YV 978964, est 25 KIA. 1st Bde started S&D msn at 1st light.

- 16:45H: 1st Cav (Maj Custer) A & B/1/12 searching area vic YA 895300, CP located at CHARGER CITY. D & C vic YA 960240. C/2/8 vic YA 893160 searching toward Obj BOB YA 874149. 1 lift of B/2/6 landed at LZA vic YA 881989 should clear prior to dark. CP and A/2/8 at CAVALIER vic YA 902032. D/2/8 on CON vic YA 945175. A, B & C/2/12 hiking on foot to Obj HOTEL vic ZA 065055; HQ & D are at ZA 075220. B/1/8 has not closed STADIUM yet. A/2/19 at CAVALIER vic YA 900030; B/2/17 at YA 943174; B & C/2/19 Arty at CHARGER CITY vic YA 950235.

03 November 1965

- 02:30H: 1st Cav Maj Henderson – 1. 1st load of med equip and supplies captured 1 Nov on Long Reach, was extracted on 2 Nov. Load consisted of 200 individual surgical tools made in China and approx. 100 assorted drugs of Communist block origin. More to be evacuated. 2. 1500H Scout observed and took under fire 10 VC on west side of river vic ZA 052021. Unk results. 3. 1515H Scout A/C rec’d fire fm 8 VC on ground vic ZA 052080. No hits, A/C returned fire and est 4 KIA’s. Uniforms w/black top and brown bottom. 4. 1850H, One VC surrendered and 2 were captured w/wpns vic ZA 065055. The rallier may have responded to Psy War teams operating in that area. 5. 2125, sentry observed a blinking white light vic BR 701379. Arty was fired vic the light. Light was extinguished.

- 13:30H: MACV (Sgt Higdon) Ref hospital captured in our area: 1) How many, if any, of the VC captured were patients in the hospital and how many previously wounded? 2) How many hospital staff and corpsmen were captured?

- 15:45H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) Unit locations: 2/5, 683423; CP, 683423; A/2/5, 580445. 1/77 Arty: CP, 577446; A, 686428; B, 756388; C, 634535; C/8 Engr, 615607; 1/5 Cav (-), 459488; A/1/5, 612462. Opn being conducted in area of B/2/5 to secure area while doctor treats local populace. 2/5 also running 5 recon patrols and securing Bde base area.

- 17:35H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) At 1040 A/2/12 encountered undetermined number VC ZA 052052. Contact continued as of 1115. No further info. This incident occurred during the course of A/2/12 msn. At 1010 B/1/12 landed LZ vic ZA 077187. At 1010 B/1/12 was loading vic CHARGER CITY. At 1115 A/2/17 moved to ZA 054302, closed 031115.

- Delayed entry 16:45H: 1st Cav (Capt Brady) Unit locations in 1st Bde area: 1/8 Cav CP at STADIUM; A/1/8 at Duc Co; 2/8 CP & D/2/8 at ZA 020015 moving NE; C/2/8 YA 880130 awaiting aircraft to move to CAVALIER; 1/12 CP & D/1/12 at ZA 073115; A/1/12 at ZA 102178 & moving S; B/1/12 at ZA 185172 & moving S; C/1/12 at ZA 053153 & moving E; 2/12 CP & D/1/12 at ZA 062058; C/2/12 at ZA 065055; 2/19 Arty CP & B & C/2/19 at ZA 073214; A/2/19 Arty at CAVALIER; B/8 Engr at CAVALIER. At 1545 A/2/12 rec’d 1 WIA. Details unk at this time, vic ZA 053053. At 1700 1/9 Cav has one CH13 a/c down at ZA 138304., cas unk, but not due to enemy action. A/c secured, crew extracted, no injuries, awaiting a/c to extract CH13.

- 23:50H: 1st Cav (Capt Harper) At 2105 C/1/9 ambushed 2d element of est VC Co at YA 840045. Est 12-15 KIA, no frd casualties; VC withdrew. At 2330 B/1/9 engaged enemy, size unk, at YA 852055. Presently engaged. Will keep us informed.

04 November 1965

- 05:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) No change for 2/3. 9 ambush patrols. Fr Maj Anderson : No additional info on C/1/9 ambush patrol; contact was at 2105H vic YA 840045. Ambushed 1 elem of est VC Co, Est 12-15 KIA, no frd cas, VC withdrew. B/1/9 engage 1 element at 2330 vic YA 852055 w/unk size VC force. Troop was reinf w/1 plt of A/1/8 Cav. By 0352H contact was broken. Results: 27 US WIA, enemy cas unk. No other info available at this time.

- 07:00H: 1st Cav (Maj Sandburn) Recap on ambush initiated by 1 plt B/1/9 Cav at 2330H vic YA 852055. VC force est to be a company, possibly a reinf company. All of A/1/8 reinf followed by C/1/9. As of 0700 B & D/1/8 are being committed vic YA 853063 (approx. 2 K’s W of ambush site).

- 09:50H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) at 0600 25 of 27 US WIA were evac out of Plei Me area. Other 2 are being treated at base camp. There were 4 KIA’s evac thru PKU. At 0900 CO, 1/9 feels was in contact with a PAVN Bn last night (based on reaction and organized manner in which they reacted). VC cas est 19 KIA and unk number of VC WIA’s. Frd forces will be working the area today and may get a body count. At 0815 B/1/8 touched down vic YA 864061. Last elem of C/1/8 lifted off enroute to ambush site vic YA 864061. Contact broken by 0352, followed by sporadic SA fire.

- 11:40H: FFV Adv (SP5 Jared) SP5 Jared interviewed a SSGT Adam Santana at 85th Evac. Santana from C/9th Cav. Santana stated VC vic YA 835062 were wearing cream colored quilted uniforms consisting of jackets, trousers and hats. No helmets. Wearing black boots similar to US combat boots. Wearing mountain packs. Only saw 2 VC during contact who were carrying wounded in a westerly direction. Seen at 2305. ILL provided by flares.

- 12:15H: II Corps (Capt Ushijima) Ref Plei Me Camp: 36 more old VC bodies have been found during sweeps around the camp. Also one carbine (Chicom found vic ZA 155030).

- 12:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Brown) 0900H, 2/8 Cav: est contact with 1 VC Co vic YA 950050, Arty called in, results unk. At 1145H 2/8 Cav recon plt captured 12 VC, had 3 VC KIA (BC). Recon plt is pinned down. Has 2 frd WIA. An additional plt has been committed. At 1005H 2/12 Cav discovered 1 VN body in village vic ZA 172107. No other info on body. Will get followup report. Village Chief reports VC dropped 300 lbs of rice early in the day and left quickly. At 1148 1/8 Cav captured 1 VC w/wpn. Killed one VC vic YA 837054. Ref VN body: Body was Vietnamese, was lying dead when 1st Cav trps walked into the village. Hadn’t been dead long. Don’t know if frd fire killed him.

- 14:10H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) Recon elem of 2/8 in contact vic YA 974058 and two elem of A/2/8 made contact vic YA 979056 at 1400. B/2/12 is in firefight with est VC plt vic ZA 085065, 1400H.

14:30H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) Reply to query by Maj Henderson: We have no reports of any specific items used for specific signals. We do know the VC use whistles, drums, bugles and sticks for signaling. No further info available at this time.

- 23:40H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) wrapup of 2/8 activities: Contact broken at 1625H. No contact since. (encoded): KIA: 11; WIA: 19. Additional info on mid air collision: 2 UH-1D’s from C/227 AH Bn were flying in formation returning fm 1st Bde area Plei Me. A 3d a/c struck 1 of the choppers flying in formation causing the 2 to collide in mid air. A total of 9 persons were aboard, no survivors. KIA (BC) 13, KIA (Est) 163, WIA confirmed 5, VCC 21. Weapons captured 2 ea 82nd mortar, 1 75MM RR, 42 automatic rifles, 17 rifles, large quantity mixed ammo. Equip collected at 1st Bde evacuated and pounded.

05 November 1965

- 02:00H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) 2/5 Cav is Div reserve/reaction force.

- 03:00H: 1st Cav (Maj Henderson) 1/9 closed Holloway.

- 06:35H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1) 2/8 & 2/12 rec’d the 11 KIA’s & 19 WIA’s between 1045 & 1645 4 Nov which were reported last night 2340H. 2) The reported surrounding of an est VC Co last night about 1900 by 2/8 Cav was not correct. It followed that separate, small contacts were made in local area which led unit to believe it may have made contact with a company sized VC unit. It later appeared to be small sized VC forces moved. An airstrike was called in about dark. Area will be further checked this morning.

- 09:00H: 1st Cav (Lt Brown) At 0650 C/1/12 attacked by 4 VC vic ZA 056132, result 1 VC WIA (CIA), Captured 1 carbine. At 0835H A/1/5 apprehended 14 VCS vic BR 644486, evac for interrogation.

- 09:55H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) SITREP of current opns: Long Reach: Nothing to report at this time. 2d Bde: There are two small unit opns in progress. Report will follow shortly (Co size S & C).

- 15:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) 1125: SF Delta teams with 1st Cav at Pleiku were pulled out.

- 16:25H: 1st Cav (Capt Brady) 1) 0705H C/1/12 at ZA 061152 was attacked by 4 VC, one fm SW, 3 fm SE, one VC wounded, dropped equipment, was carried away by other 3; at 0722 in same vic C/1/12 captured a wounded VC w/out equipment. Assumed to be same indiv previously encountered. 2) 0945H. ¼ ton truck fm A/8th Engr hit a mine at ZA 080218, results: 2 US KIA, 2 US WIA. 3) All elem of 1st Bde conducting search opns within assigned zones, neg contact except as described above.

- 17:15H: II Corps (Capt Neary) 21st Ranger Bn arrived Kontum at 1130H.

- 19:00H: MACV (Capt McAfee) Gen Westmoreland wants answers to following questions ref Plei Me attack at 0500H: 1) Does 1st Cav know about it? 2) Is 1st Cav doing anything about it? 3) If not, why not? 4) If so, what? 5) Is air supporting it? 6) Current status of the attack, etc? Answeres: 2) No. 3) None. 4) None.

- 21:00H: II Corps Caot Elliott – Ref entry 1900H – Question 1. Ans: Yes 1st Cav was notified at 051000, by II Corps, and FFV. (2) The closest Cav unit to atk is 20,000, also atk was outside of AO. The Cav may put Red Haze over tgt area tonight. (4) N/A (5) No (6) The atk terminated at 051715, the result was 6 KIA only, VC unk. All elem closed Phu Nhon at 2100 w/evac of 3 PFS.

06 November 1965

- 02:30H: MACV Sgt Bradley – 30 Oct ref Pleiku prov: A 1st Cav unit was registering arty and dropped a rd among ARVN trps resulting in 7 KIA and 7 wounded. Coord was ZA 1805. Question: Were they ARVN trps or civilians.

- 02:45H: II Corps Capt Elliott – Ref: Request for info concerning IA’s and WIA’s fm frd arty fire. 30 Oct. A check with SF C det reveals that all were civilians.

- 05:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) wrapup: 30 patrols, neg contact; mixed ambush and combat/recon, all sqd size (2 base and 28 1st Bde); nothing significant to report.

- 06:35H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) Plans for today: 1st Bde will continue Long Reach; 1/12, 2/12 & 2/8 Cav will converge in area SNAP in attempt to create a killing zone for Arty & TAC air. 2d Bde continues to conduct security msns Hwy 19, Deo Mang Pass, Vinh Thanh Valley and ROK base. Contact patrols will be conducted to CIDG Camp. 3d Bde continues to defend ase area with 2/7 Cav and 1/7 Cav. Quartering parties are being sent to 1st Bde today for planned rotation. 1/9 Cav Sqdn remains at base area. B/1/9 supports 1st Bde, D/1/9 opcon to 2d Bde.

- 07:05H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1st Bde plan for today in area SNAP: 2/8 Cav will sweep north; 1/12 Cav will sweep south. Both will then sweep to the east. 2/12 Cav will move about 2 K’s into SNAP and establish blocking psn. There is no particular target, however it is felt that something may develop with a sizable sweep of the area.

- 08:20H: FFV Adv (Maj Gaumond Gen Larsen departed Nha Trang at 0815H.

- 08:40H: 1st Air Cav (MRC-95) 1) Parts I & II of SITREP have been sent and receipted for, request FFV check, if not present, Cav will retransmit. 2) Ref request made concerning type of mine ¼ ton hit 5 Nov in 1st Bde zone. It was a 105mm How shell, believed electrically detonated as an individual was observed running fm area. 2) 1/8 (-) has moved fm STADIUM to PUNT. 4) Quartering parties fm An Khe (relieving units) are going to 1st Bde zone today to coordinate unit relief.

- 10:20H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) No change in SITREP or ISUM except that at 060855H vic YA 89049 B/1/9 Cav observed 8-10 VC w/one wpn, VC dress in camouflage uniforms and khakis. B/1/9 engaged with ARA and MG fire, results: 7 VC KIA (BC), 1 KIA (EST).

- Delayed entry 12:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) At 1000 hrs 2 VC sqds engaged elem of B/2/8 Cav vic ZA 042065, results: 4 VC KIA (BC). At 1130H a VC sqd engaged elem of B/2/8 Cav vic ZA 030060, results: 1 VC KIA (BC). At 1137H engagement in vic ZA 095075 with unk no VC by B/2/12 Cav. VC armed with a rocket launcher. Results: 1 VC KIA (BC). 1/8 CP location at ZA 171099, 2/12 CP located at ZA 178099.

- 15:30H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) At 1415H TAC air (2 A1E’s) conducted airstrike vic ZA 029071, FAC est 7 KIA. B/2/8 is engaged, but no location or situation report available at this time, will report ASAP.

- 15:50H: FFV Adv (SMAJ Reeves) Ref movement of 2/7: 1582 passengers, means: 5 LST’sm 1 LSD, a AKA (Seminole), a APA (Paul Revere).

- 16:30H: 1st Cav – 1/9 Cav observed 6 VC vic YA 923128. VC were dressed in black and brown uniforms. 1/9 engaged the VC, results: 1 VC KIA (BC). At 061100H National Police reported to C/1/787 Arty that VC were positioning AW at BR 653553. VC fired SA fire at a frd a/c fm same coord. C/1/77 Arty fired 19 rds WP, unobserved fire at the above coord.

- 17:30H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) Unit locations: B/2/8, 043065; C/2/8, 003049; A/1/12, 095075; A/2/12, 110076; C/2/12, 130080; A/1/12, 105128; B/1/12, 092107; C/1/12, 048109; B/1/8, 146124.

- 20:10H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) At 061922H a CH-47 rec’d repeated SA fire fm vic ZA 065115. No hits on a/c, a/c was flying at 2000 MSL on az of 033 degree

- 23:30H: 1st Cav (Cap Hopper) An inquiry was made to 1st Cav TOC to find out if there was any action in Plei Me area. (Inquiry was made based on statement by Maj Turner of 1st Cav LNO that he had heard there had been a heavy firefight. Capt Hopper made the following report: “There had been some action against B/2/8 Cav, but the only information they had was that B/2/8 had made contact at about 1810hrs, location unk. B/2/8 had to break contact at about 1910 due to heavy casualties. B/2/8 withdrew approx. 2500 meters away fm place of contact. Col Hemphill is personally trying to get all the details fm 1st Bde but so far has not gotten anything other than the above.

07 November 1965

- 00:15H: 1st Cav (Cap Hopper) Summary of B/2/8: B/2/8 was hit by est VC plt at 1800H vic ZA 043050, they sustained, for sure, 8 WIA, contact was broken at 1910; again at 2305 hrs rec’d sniper fire vic ZA 040060. Plans to fix them at first light and then 2/8 (-) to try to clear out VC.

- 05:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 8 sqd ambush patrols, a sqd recon patrol, 1 contact reported ; B/2/8 reported sporadic sniper fire up to 2400 hrs.

- 06:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 12 ambush patrols (1st Bde) in addition to what was reported in wrapup. 0600 SITREP, no change.

- 07:05H: 1st Cav (Maj Sandburn) requested more info on followup concerning 2/8 Cav contact last night: figures are not yet confirmed but it appears to have resulted in heavy frd cas, possibly 30 KIA and 45 WIA. Reports are that engaging element did not see anyone fo fire back at. 1st Bde is sending forces into area this morning to clear it out. 1st Bde will continue to operate in current area. Will not go into new area east of Plei Me today.

07:55H: 1st Cav (SP Zagar) 1st Cav unit locations: 1st Bde CP, Div Arty, 1/8, 2/8 CP, at AZ 189328. 1/9 Za 207341. D/1/12 ZA 082150; 1/12 CP ZA 082150; A/1/12 ZA 108113, B/1/12 ZA 094108; C/1/12 ZA 047109; 2/12 CP ZA 189328; D/2/12, B/1/12, ZA 189328; B/2/19 ZA 189328; B/2/12 ZA 092208; C/2/12 ZA 129088; 2/8 CP ZA 023031; D/2/8 ZA 023031; A/2/8 07656059; B/2/8 040060; C/2/8 060060.

- 08:35H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1) Request SITREP on 1st Bde, neg contact at this time. 2) Request info on last night action (2/8); info not confirmed. Not official. Expect to get info at about 0930H.

- 08:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) OB report: A/1/8, 149111; B/1/8, 160182; D/1/8, 155196; A/2/12, 109189; s/19, ZV 04150315; C/2/19, ZA 097020; s/20, AR 801465; A/2/19, ZA 023030.

- 09:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Anderson) Ref 1st Bde contact on Opn Long Reach last night: 2/8 – 30 KIA and 45 WIA. This is fm spot reports. They are still not confirmed. Official report will be obtained fm G1 ASAP.

- 09:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) At 0928 vic ZA 038089 C/1/12 picked up 2 VC.

- 10:25H: 1st Cav (Capt Anderson) A & C/2/12 moved into 2/8 area and were on ground at 0900H.

- 10:40H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) FFV will send Tech Intl team to PKU to look at ammo captured by 1 Cav. Team will be: Lt Nurm, Sgt Cole. Team will have copy of SOCR #035. Capt Collier: Team should see Maj Durand at 1st Cav Adv. Can team stop by An Khe on way home to look at some wpns captured by 1st Cav? Capt Hubard: Yes, team will be informed of abovd. ETA at PKU, 1430H.

- 10:40H: 1st Cav (Capt Anderson) Loc where 2/12 forces were employed: (encoded) ZA 062052.

- 11:10H: 1st Cav (L/C Hemphill) Obj MAPLE ZA 0470075; B & C/2/8 occupy blocking psn “A” ZA 030074 – ZA 028060; 2/12 A & C occupy blocking psn “B” ZA 049075 – ZA 047060. 1/12 C will push down fm current area. A/2/8 reaction force. 1/8 assembling at STADIUM and begin deployment at 1400. One VC surrendered to 2/8 0845 vic DP 3565. PAVB 2/Lt identified units as 14 plt, 2 Co, 2 Bn, 1 Regt, 325 Div.

- 11:30H: 1st Cav (Capt Anderson) 1/9 Cav elements have engaged 30 VC vic Br 377666; at 0900H additional small tgts are being sighted in area & are being engaged by ARA and 1/9 Cav wpn ship action continues. At 0805 1 OH-13 hit by AW fire, forced down at Camp Kanack vic BR 420642.

- 11:30H: DASC (Col Price) 1st Cav west TAOF, was in a constant firefight all day yesterday, 18 close air support sorties were flown in support of this effort with a/c dropping within 100-150 meters of frd trps. Late in afternoon, fighters were having difficulty distinguishing VC fm frd due to their close proximity of each other. Puff was scrambled at 1857 last night w/1st Cav FAC aboard and landed at 0022H. Whether Puff expended or not is unk at this time (probably not due to the close proximity of the two forces). First pre-planned at 0700 TOC this morning had to be diverted to a secondary tgt due to close proximity of two forces. Two other immediates have been flown this AM with more air on the way. Only the first preplanned had to be diverted to a secondary tgt. Army personnel of 1st Cav are well pleased w/air effort. Ref L/C Stoner and Maj Kane. As of 0300 this AM 30 KIA, 46 WIA same ref: “Action”. B/2/8 was at ZA 029071 at 1530 yesterday. At 1810 they got into a heavy firefight at ZA 043050. At 1910 they broke contact and moved, direction unk. At 2030 they were receiving sniper fire fm ZA 040060 so I assume they moved in a SW direction from whence they came. No other info on cas or anything after 2030H.

-12:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) in response to questions concerning support for elem vic ZA 0105, Arty psns as follows: C/2/19 at ZA 097020; A/2/19, ZA 023030. TAC air support. 2 A1E’s currently in support, no air cover.

- 12:30H: 1wt Cav (Maj Durand) At 2350H wounded were being evac. US found 2 VC KIA and 1 VC WIA (WIA captured) vic ZA 075078. At 0844 one VC surrendered at ZA 035065, reported himself as PAVN 2/Lt, now being interrogated. At 0913 2/8 est killing 25 VC yesterday, capturing 2 wpns. At 0945H 2/8 found 20 VC bodies, captured 8 AR, 5 rifles, 2 MG, at ZA 029065. As of 071500H 1/12 killed 2 VC (BC) at ZA 028082. Est of VC strength probably one Bn.

- 12:50H: 1st Cav Maj Marlin – At 1202 vic ZA 028028 1/12 killed 2 VC (BC). At 100 vic ZA 880040 fac reported receiving AW fire fm 3 separate positions. Est 50 cal fire. Also secondary occurred vic YA 875040 followed air strike. At 1200 2/19 reported that 2/8 reported est 4 VC Co’s vic ZA 032060. At 1226 1/9 Cav vic BR 377366 VC contacted at 1130 are breaking up into small sqds heading N and NE.

- 13:45H: 1st Cav Maj Marlin – Spot report – A/2/8 rec’d fire fm 3 snippers vic ZA 045026. Change: Mssg ref: 1340 FAC receiving AW fire fm 3 pos. New coord are YA 875033: Add: FAC spotted a well camouflaged boat bridge ZA 045026.

- 14:05H: 1st Cav Capt Brady – 1/12 was in psn to atk as of 071207 hrs. 2/8 has had blocking psn prepared since daylight. Elements of 1/12 jumped off in the atk at 071400 hrs.

- 14:50: Fm Maj Boyle to Maj Durrand 1st Cav – Maj Boyle asked Maj Durrand for any info concerning enemy to include strength and unit identifications. Maj Durrand said he had no info concerning VC strength at scene of action or unit identifications. A PAVN soldier who was captured earlier and claimed to be a 2/67 was being interrogated and has claimed to be from the 1st plt, 2d Co, 2d Bn, 1st Regt, 325th Div. 1st Cav G-2 believes by 1st Regt he means 101st Regt.

- 15:10H: 1st Caav Capt Brady – Loc;s of 2/19 Arty and B/2/17. HQ 2/19 ZA 075215; A/2/19, ZA 023030; B/2/19, ZA 175105 proposed move to ZA 021031 at 071530H; C/2/19 ZA 075215; B/2/17, ZA 175105.

- 15:45H: 1st Cav Capt Cook – Casualty report 061800 to 071500 hrs, fm 1st Cav. 26 KIA, 55 WIA O MIA. Sitrep – Artillery fired a concentration on obj Maple at 071100 Nov. Air strike was conducted NW of obj Maple at approx. 071100 Nov. At 071350 C of 1/12 reported contact with unk number of VC vic of ZA 039081. Results: 1 VC KIA (BC) 1 VC WIA (est) 1 VCC. At 071350 C/1/12 was atk by one each montagnard armed with a machete. Montagnard was wounded and captures. An air strike on coord ZA 028070 was conducted at 071530H Nov, results unk.

- 18:15H: 1st Cav Sgt Satterfield – Loc of units. 1/12 CP – ZA 083150, A – 028088, B – 040086 , C – 040068, D 083135 – 2/12 CP – 180110, A – 028088, B – 042067, C – 032067, D – 180110. 2/8 CP – 023032, A 075060, B – 005065, C- 025065, D – 023032. 2/19 Arty CP – 096120, A – 021031, B – 180110, C – 096120, B/2/17 – 180110.

- 18:15H: 1st Cav Sgt Satterfield – Sitrep: 27 patrols fm 2/20 ARA throughout the day on the picket line resulted in the apprehension of 27 VCS. 1/8 Cav began movement by air fm Stadium to Golf Course at 1400 hrs. Movement will be stopped at 2200 hrs and will continue tomorrow morning.

- 20:00H: Fm Gen Kinnard to Gen Larson – Fm Gen Kinnard to Gen Larson at 1830 Gen Kinnard nor did Bde Cmdr have story w.what happened until this afternoon. Enemy forces involved 1 Bn. After the action unit discovered 400 foxholes in defensive position. A VCC 2d Lt PAVN verified psn area to be a Bn defensive psn. 2 plts fm B/2/8 were on patrol vic ZA 040060. Scouts of patrols passed by trees where enemy was in psn without spotting the enemy. When plts passed Bns psn, plts were fired on fm rear. When the report came in the Bn had the closest Co out as reaction force. C Co came in fm north on enemy on to enemy psn. The Co moved to quickly, hunched up, did not have ample security cut, they got involved same as the plt. Frd cas C Co had 19 KIA, 32 WIA, 2 plts B Co had 7 KIA, 18 WIA for a total of 26 KIA, 50 WIA. There were no missing in action, and no wpns or equipment captured. The enemy broke contact during the nite and retreate to west over stream west of def psn. At first light the Bn found 52 KIA (BC), captures 7 VCC. Est another 12 KIA, 135 WIA est. This est made fm number of bandages and blood giving evidence of a lot of wounded personnel. The count of wpns are same as early report. Frd forces are pursuing to west this afternoon trying to reestablish contact.

- 20:10H: 1st Caav Capt Hopper – At 1850 hrs, D/1/9 rec’d 1 rd sniper fire f; BR 87372, no cas, no fire returned.

- 23:00H: 1st Cav – Maj Durrand – Checked with Lt Temple, G-2 officer, 1st Cav DTOC (REAR) concerning any info of intell nature. Lt Temple stated no new info on any enemy unit identification or strength. No contact with VC at present.

- 23:00H: FFV Adv – 2/7 left on a Paul Revere. Intelligence Summary for period 070001-072400H Nov 65. 1st Cav reported that an a/c was fired on at 0230 vic ZA 080110. A PAVN soldier who surrendered to 1st Cav claimed to be a PAVN 2/lt from the 2d Bn, 1st Regt, 325the PAVN Div. 1st Cav believes he is fm 101st Regt. 1st Cav FAC’s reported AW fire (possibly 50 cal) fm 3 psn at YA 875033, a well camouflaged foot bridge at ZA 045026 and a secondary explosion at ZA 87540 following an air strike. At 1708 an H-13 fm A/1/9 Cav was shot down by AW fire at BR 337657. At 1850H D/1/9 rec’d 1 sniper rd fm BR 807312. During period 0001 – 2400, 6 Nov 2/8 Cav accounted for 56 VC KIA (BC) and captured 2 50 cal MG’s, 3 Cal MG’s, 21 rifles, 100 grenades and 10 3.5 rocket launcher rds.

08 November 1965

- 00:30H: 1st Cav (Lt Temple) Neg SITREP &ISUM. 1st Bde move, new loc at 0100H.

- 01:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) Unit locations: A/1/12, YA 814081; B & C/1/12, ZA 032062; D/1/12 Bn CP, no change; A/2/12, ZA 047068; B/2/12, no change; 2/8 CP, at FALCON; A & D/2/8, at FALCON; FALCON at ZA 030039; A & D/2/8, LZ WING; LZ WING, 029060. For tomorrow’s opn: Boundarys for 1/12 Cav on NW and 2/12 Cav on SE runs from 988012, will follow line along creek moving NE to 029040, draw a straight line to 042058, follow creek again to 052080.

- 02:05H: MACV (Lt Cmdr Steinman) Gen Westmoreland sent a Maj Haltz to Plei Me yesterday to get info. Two questions which Maj Haltz didn’t have an answer for: 1) Which plt suffered most KIA? 2) Which plt suffered most WIA? Request answers.

- 03:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1st plt C/2/8 rec’d most KIA & most WIA in action 6 Nov.

- 04:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1/8 move: Total sorties 7 Nov 21, 14 remain HQ, A, B, D have been lifted. Remainder some equipment and C Co. About ¾ of 1/8 have been lifted.

- 04:45H: 1st Cav (Lt Brown) TAC air area to our west 7 Nov 0645-0747 2 B-57 at YA 856040, 75% coverage. 1110-1129, 2 A1E at AV 875033, 100% coverage. SA fire rec’d in that area 1425-1440, 2 A1E ZA 028072, 100% coverage. Est 5 KBA. At 1210-1225, 2 A1E at ZA 035070, 100% coverage, VC troop conception. 0950-1000, 2 B-57 YA 876042, 75% coverage, 1 structure destroyed, one secondary explosion. 1430-1444, 2 F-100st YA 873030, 100% coverage, VC ZW psn reported by previous airstrikes, SA and AW wpn fire rec’d in this area.

- 05:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1) A.c reported down early today (7 Nov) 1705H at BR 337657, all IK, no injury, H-13 will be recovered today, 8 Nov 0630H> 2) 1850H D/1/9 rec’d one rd sniper fire, no injury, no further action. 3) Patrols, 14 ambush (11 sqd, 3 plt), neg contact, 2 sqd recon, neg contact. 4) Planning: Generally the same opns will continue. 1st Bde will continue Opn in support of II Corps’ Long Reach. New opn with LZ WING and psn FALCON is a S & D opn. Rear doesn’t have any further info on this opn.

- 05:15H: 1st Cav (Lt Brown) Intl wrapup. No additional info from Plei Me since last report. No contact w/VC last night.

- 05:45H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) Long Reach today: S&D in sector. No objectives, no contact at this time.

- 06:20H: 1st Cav (Col Buchan) Long Reach: 1st Bde will continue to move in sqd and plt size units searching for VC. 1st Bde believes that enemy is disorganized and still in area. 2/8, 1/12 and 2/12 will participate. Attempst is being made to take advantage of PsyWar activities of yesterday.

- 06:45H: 1st Cav (Col Buchan) 1st Bde will determine this morning whether current opn has dried up or not. If it has, then Bde intends to commence relieving units back to base area – substituted units to prepare for opn to the east.

- 06:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) No contact all night vic Plei Me; if no contact this morning, plans are to begin unit rotations today w/2/8, 1/12 and 2/12 eventually being relieved.

- 08:20H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) 1/8 elem began moving at 0615H. Recovery of 1/9 a/c completed at 0745.

- 09:05H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) B8 Engr loc 616608 with one CIDG Co.

- 10:00H: MACV (Sgt Glennon) 1) 1st Cav has major elems of 3 Bns conducting sqd, plt and Co size sweeps in area of heavy engagement of 6 Nov to west of Plei Me. 2) One Co is at present in pursuit to west attempting to reengage with main VC elems suspected of having withdrawn to west. 3) Reaction forces are available in event contact reestablished. 4) No contact reported as of 0945H.

- 11:15H: To: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) Request SITREP for 1st Bde. Scoping all SABRE 2/8 except a were loc at STADIUM at 1020H, B of 1/12 picked up 2 VCC vic ZA 028056 w/ 1 light MG and 1 Carbine. 1020H C of 1/12 found 2 rifles and 1 Rkt launcher vic ZA 027061, at 1025H, C/1/12 reported killing 1 VC (BC) vic ZA 026060. 1000H (shorgun) 3d Bde Hq departed for An Khe strip for movement to 1st Bde Area (Pleiu-Plei Me).

- 14:30H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) – SITREP – unit loc B/2/17 Arty closed Stadium at 1000H, C/2/19 Arty closed stadium at 1100H. HQ/2/19 Arty closed Stadium at 1130H/ A&C/2/12 loc at ZA 110010 at 1125H/ B/2/12 loc at ZA 162052 at 1200H, A/1/12 loc at ZA 080053 at 1200H.

- 15:00H: 1st Cav (Sp Lanresso) at 1434 at ZA 030068 1 UHID fr 229 AH Bn rec 3 hits fr QW fire thru floor of troop compartment while on rescue mission no injuries minor damage to aircraft. Aircraft was flying at 200 feet.

- 16:40H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) 1/12 Cav CP loc at 081420 in vic coor 110010.

- 17:00H: 1st Air Cav – Rced road clearing operation overlay and operation Silver Bayonet from 1st Cav.

- 23:50H: 1st Cav (Lt Temple) Element of 2/19 Arty rec’d SA fire into their position at 082330H fire came from vic ZA 201342. Two trip flares on the perimeter were set off, Details will follow.

09 November 1965

- 01:25H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) Sitrep went to Pleiku. Comm Center at Pleiku went out for about 30 min. It is back in now and FFV should be receiving it now.

- 02:00H: 1st Cav Sgt Dale – Ref log entry 082350 Nov. Rpt is changed to read: No trip flares and no SA fire. Possibly someone firing his wpn at nothing and hit a flare.

- 04:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) Wrap up – 9 sqd size ambush patrols, no contact (1st Bde), 7 sqd size ambush patrols, no contact. Est closing time for Savage units is 081833H. (With some exception of equip and few indiv.) B/2/12 had 3 VCS enter their area vic CP. Unit engaged 1 VC KIA, other two fled, KIA had no wpn, was dressed like montagnard, but had lighter skin and was clean shaven. Based on that observation, unit does not believe he is a montagnard. He remains a VCS.

- 05:50H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 081625 2 elem of 2/8 departed Pleiku for home lease.

- 06:09H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) A/2/8 is attached to 1/8. At 0435H, reported at 0515, a patrol fm A/2/12 was fired on by B/1/12 vic ZA 029038; 3 WIA, not serious, med evac dispatched at 0500 for pickup. No contacts reported.

- 09:15H: 1st Cav (Col Hemphill) Ref Stars & Stripes article on 9 Nov about PAVN Political Commissar (Page 1): 1st Cav interrogated above individual and reported results of interrogation on 7 Nov. Interrogation of VCC did not indicate he (VCC) was a political commissar and 1st Cav considers the newspaper article as incorrect.

- 14:20H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) 3d Bde HQ relieved 1st Bde HQ at STADIUM at 1130H. 1st Bde HQ in process moving back to An Khe.

- 14:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) States they have no new equipment captured. Packs are of the old type. Same of the equipment was burned, no details. Black pajamas were given to villagers, state they don’t know where report of new equipment originated. Nothing more on the 3 VCS who entered 1st Cav CP area vic ZA 1810.

- 15:25H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) SITREP Base camp: 12 recon patrols, sqd size, no contact all day.

10 November 1965

- 03:53H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) Neg Report

- 05:00H: 1st Cav Wrap Up (Capt Parham) 3d Bde report: 1 ambush (plat), 1 recon (plat) 1 recon (sqd) all neg contact. 1st Bde HHC and attached units closed Div Base at 091935H. Also rpts 1 VC WIA. Rear had 4 ambush (sqd) no contact all also same as previous spot rpts.

- 06:20H: 3d Bde Wrap Up: 1 RF Plt made contact with est VC Sqd ZA 077309 at 2118H. VC broke contact.

- 08:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1/12 going into GOLD at 100900H (H-Hour); 1/7 going into WHITE (no time). OPORD 11-65 fm 3d Bde will follow.

- 09:45H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) (encoded) Area of opns YA 7335 ZA 1035 ZA 1026 AR 935260 following rivers to BQ 1890-YV 843900 following Cambodian border.

- 12:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) D/1/7 closed STADIUM at 1101H. B/2/8 closed base area 1100H. 1/12 closed HOMECOMING at 1128H. C/2/5 closed base area 1155H. CP/1/12 located AR 816113 at 1200H. HQ, D, CP, A/1/7 are located at STADIUM.

- 13:20H: 1st Cav (Maj Anderson) Loc of HOMECOMING: ZA 815110; GOAL, ZA 835165.

- 13:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) At 1349H element of 1/5 made contact est VC sqd vic BR 674474, results: 2 VC KIA (BC). At 1325 a CH-47 went down due to engine failure 300 yrds fm HOLLOWAY strip, no injuries. Landing gear, forward blades and undercarriage were damaged.

- 15:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Brandy) 1 VC KIA by 1/12 Cav at 1440 vic ZA 972048.

- 15:25H: 1st Cav (Capt Collier) SITREP Base camp: 12 recon patrols, sqd size, no contact all day.

- 15:30H: 1st Cav (SP4 Lavezzo) One SP4 fm C/1/8 walked into tail rotor of UH1d vic BQ 914676; EM was struck in left forehead, very serious; EM evacuated to Qui Nhon. Aircraft slightly damaged and evacuated to base area. A/2/19 closed HOMECOMING 1506H. All of 2/12 at Camp Holloway.

- 18:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Brandy) Ref Opn Longreach 3rd Brde Hqs loc at Stadium. All of 2/12 is at Stadium, Hq & C of 2/19 at Stadium, Hq & A of 1/21 at Stadium, Hq & D/1/7 at LZ Tony, A/1/7 at LZ Tony, A, B/1/7 at LZ John, C/1/7 at LZ#5.

- 19:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Harper) Hq A, & B 1/21 Arty closed Stadium at 1500.

- 19:45H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) 1 Bde Closed An Khe 1935H.

- 21:10H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) Neg SITREP and Neg INTSUM.

- 22:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) SITREP – At 092115 a search light helicopter was fired on from vic Coord BR 329364 appeared to be heavy MG area was lighted by Search light fired upon by ARA. Results are Unk. Opn planned in area tomorrow at present light to check area.

- 23:59H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) Neg SITREP – INTSUM.

11 November 1965

- 00:01H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) 2d 9th Cav closed in Base Camp 2310 – Neg ISUM-SITREP.

- 10:10H: To: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) Request SITREP: No change as of 1000H. 2/5 still moving. No est at this time of change of opcon of 2/7 Cav, 1/8 Cav, and 2/8 Cav, from 2de to 1st Bde.

- 14:15H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) Loc of units: Opn Long Reach: A, C & D/2/5 at LZ C (GN 6095) as of 1415H, B/2/5 at LZ B ( GN 8886) as of 1217H. HQ & C/2/19 at An Khe. A & B/2/19 at HOMECOMING. A/2/21 at GB 9738. C/1/21 at BG 0142. B/1/21 at An Khe.

- 19:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) 2/12 completely closed base camp 1930H.

- 20:30H: 1st Cav – Neg ISUM.

- 23:30H: 1st Cav – Neg SDCR 157 Report.

12 November 1965

- 02:10H: 1st Cav (Lt Brown) SITREP for 2 & 3 Neg.

- 03:50H: 1st Cav (Lt Brown) Neg - SITREP

- 04:37H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) Wrap Up – 3d Bde, 5 sqd size ambush – no contact. Div Base, 6 sqd size ambush – no contact, no activity reported.

- 06:50H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1/5 needs no air today. Has been set back 24 hours. 1st Cav G3 Air was informed. Request should have been cancelled.

- 10:35H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) 2/7 lifted off fm An Khe for Pleiku at 0830H. At 0845H A/2/7 closed Stadium; C/2/7 closed Stadium, at 1018H. At 0800H 1st Bde assumed control of 1/8 and base area. 1/12 is in process of moving back to base camp.

- 13:25H: 1st Cav (Lt Temple) Unit locations: 2/7 closed Stadium at 121225H. 1/12 cleared fm Stadium at 121250H. A/1/21 located vic ZA 162060.

- 14:20H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) LZ Atlanta, ZA 383128; LZ Birmingham, ZA 188925; LZ Memphis, ZA 196918; LZ Charleston, ZA 188914; LZ Little Rock, ZA 178914/ C/2/12 closed base camp at 1145H. Element of B/2/7 arrived LZ Birmingham at 1350H. C/2/5 moved at 1400H. 1/12 closed An Khe at AR 828182 at 1400H.

- 23:50H: 1st Cav (Capt Hopper) At 2350 1st Bde and units at Stadium came under SA, AW and mortar fire, attack is still continuing, no further info on result or size VCC available at this time.

13 November 1965

- 00:20H: Action in Stadium (3rd Bde) continues. Cas at this time are totals of 1 KIA, 7 WIA. More info as it becomes available.

- 01:15H: To: 1st Cav (Maj Hoaper) Request Status of contact at Stadium and in 1/5 Cav area: Waiting for final report from 3d Bde now. It appears to be all quiet now however Bde CP is waiting for final check with all units in the area. Info should be available shortly. No more activity in the 1/5 Cav area.

- 03:20H: To: 1st Cav (Capt Brady) Request SITREP and action Stadium: Final results not yet determined at this time there are 4 KIA, 11 WIA (US) VC losses unk at this time. No aircraft were damaged. Extent of damage to other equip unk. Atk lasted about one hour. Size of VC force undetermined.

- 04:20H: 1st Cav (Lt Brown) No change. Continuing to obtain info from 3d Bde will advise.

- 04:45H: 1st Cav Wrap Up (Capt Brady) Ref Stadium: Friendly Cas no change. VC Cas and VC strength still undetermined. A check will be made to find light to attempt to determine VC Cas. 9 recon and 13 ambush sqd size – no contact – no other activity to report.

- 06:00H: 1st Cav (Capt Brady) No change from 0400H Sitrep.

- 06:50H: 1st Cav (Capt Brady) request verification of loc: (ans) all of 2/7 is in vic of LZ Birmingham – A/1/21 loc Maroon – B/1/21 loc Blue w/2/7.

- 07:40H: 1st Cav Maj Turner (LNO) Cas data for Atk at Position Stadium is 7 KIA, 17 wounded.

- 09:45H: 1st Cav (Capt Cook) B/2/5 closed area Falcon at 130915H. 2/12 departed An Khe at 130915H moving to new location vic BR 705405. Area Falcon is vic ZA 1101.

- 11:45H: 1st Cav (Col Buchan) Sitrep on action in 3d Bde area at Stadium: 122340H: Defense was established at the airstrip. Attack started at 122340H when 3 mortars began to fire at west end of air strip. Mortar flashes were seen and were taken under fire before the mortar rds landed. 75-100 rds landed at west end of strip and were 60 and 81mm mortar rds (fin assemblies were picked up in the area). A total of 8 a/c were on the ground. 5 were Hueys (4 ARA for use in the event of such an attack and 1 was a TOC ship) & 3 were H-13’s. ARA Hueys had crews standing by and were abn within 3 min. They fired on mortar psns and on a VC ground force which attacked at the east end of strip simultaneously with mortar at west end. Arty fired direct fire at mortar psns and VC ground force. ARA’s & Arty cause mortars to stop firing. All 8 a/c flew out, 3 were hit. The simultaneous attack by ground force at east end was a two plt attack near fuel area and a security section. A demolition of some sort was thrown in area where some men were sleeping which accounted for some of the WIA’s (5 WIA’s of which 4 are serious.) MG fire repelled this atk. VC withdrew and returned again fm the North and were again repelled. Security in the area was good. Heavy fog was in area and didn’t clear until 130800H. Atk lasted about ½ hr. VC body count is 3, with an est 8 more KIA judging fm parts of bodies picked up. Est 16 WIA’s Bde is attempting to locate VC force which is est to be a VC Co. They believe they may have them located in a hamlet or two. Do not have the location now. 7 frd KIA, 17 frd WIA.

- 17:10H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 1/7 “D” Code – this as of 1300H 13 Nov – C of 1/21 Arty at DE 1278 ZV012978, B of 2/5 at Falcon, B/2/7 at KP 1408 Falcon, B of 2/5 at Falcon, B/2/7 at KP 148 Falcon, C/1/12 at Falcon, 2/5 CP at Falcon, 2200 New list of Loc will be called. 1700H all 1/5 closed on base loc of B/1/7 went into position BR 628471 at 1645H Sky King Area, no contact since last report – 1/7 CP and D/1/7 loc ZA 165074. A/1/7 (-) at ZA 157991, 2/Pt “a” at ZA 132001, 3/pt A ZA 153012, 1/7 B ZA 116009 (-), C/1/7 ZA 135006, C/1/Pt ZA 127006, C/2/Pt ZV 139998, 1 & 2/pt of … will asssit at KP 3508 tonight FCP.

- 23:55H: 1st Cav (Capt Parham) 2400H Sitrep – Total Pleiku Plei Me area patrol 6, Plt size ambush patrol 10, plst size ambush patrol 2 sqd size recon patrol. Div base has 9 size ambush at 4SQS recon neg contact so far.

Nguyen Van Tin
01 May 2012
(G3 D/J, IFFV, National Archives, College Park, Maryland)


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