Virginia, September 27, 1999.

Dear Tin,

I just found 2 photos pertaining to Dalat Military Academy of the old days. I send them to you, you can either copy or enlarge them as you please.

The first photo represents the 3 roommates, on the left was Nguyen Ngoc Oanh (VNAF Brigadier General), I in the middle, and Hieu on the right. This photo was taken in front of our room in November 1950.

The second photo represents the 1st brigade taken in the end of 1950. Standing in the center was lieutenant Blanc, 1st brigade commandant, the principal instructeur of the brigade. The 2 standing on the last row, far left end, were Nguyen Van Hieu and Lu Lan. This photo was sent to me by Ton That Dong (standing on the second row, far left end) in 1960 when I was operations deputy chief of staff at the Joint General Staff.

I intended to write a few pages reminiscing the team spirit that existed among us almost half a century ago, but the busy present life style does not allow me to do so; furthermore, the fact that one cannot possibly express fully all of one's feelings would blur the nobleness, the eagerness, the dedication, the closeness among the youth of that time...(1950) who were stepping into life, carrying with them so many high expectations toward their country.

Once embarked into the military life, our sense of brotherhood remained intact, despite our different avenues all those 25 years in the midst of hurricanes of events, which had instigated so many degradations in the society, in the military at all levels.

An now, although separated by two worlds, our fraternity is still intact, our understanding can surmount the distance of our two worlds of the living and the dead. A few years ago, Colonel Trinh Tieu, Chief of 2nd Corps G2 Intelligence, had written, prior to his death, a few articles pertaining to his service in the ARVN, in which he mentioned Major General Nguyen Van Hieu, with an absolute love and respect toward a Commander who was gallant, honest and most revered.

Lu Mong Lan