Lieutenant General Tran Van Don

Full Name: Tran Van Don

Date and Place of Birth: August 19, 1917, Cauderan, Bordeaux, France

Family status: Married, three children


- Hautes Etudes Commerciales, HEC (Advanced studies in Commerce), Paris, 1939

- Ecole de Guerre (War School), Paris, 1951

- New Weapons Missile Course, Fort Bliss, USA, 1959

Present positions:

- Retired Major General

- Representative, Quang Ngai Constituency, 1971-1975

- Chairman, Defense Committee, Lower House, 1972-1973

Former positions:

- Colonel, Director, Military Security, 1951-1953

- Brigadier General, Joint Chief of Staff, ARVN, 1953-1957

- Major General, Commander of First Army Corps and First Corps Tactical Zone, 1957-1962

- Major General, Commander of RVN Army, 1962-1963

- Major General, Chief of General Staff, ARVN, 1963

- Major General, Commander in Chief, ARVN, 1963

- Major General, Defense Minister, 1963-1964

- Major General, First Vice-Chairman, Military Revolutionary Council, 1963-64

Decorations, awards:

- Gallantry Cross, Second World War

- Gallantry Cross with Palm

- Commander of the National Order of Vietnam (3rd Class)

- The Insignia of the most Exalted Order of the White Elephant (Thailand)

Who's Who In Vietnam
Vietnam Press, Saigon 1975

Courtesy of Adam Sadowski

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