Lieutenant General Ton That Dinh

Full Name: Ton That Dinh

Date and Place of Birth: November 20, 1926, Hue (Central Vietnam)

Family status: Married, four children

Education: French Bacalaureate

Present position: Chairman, Senate Defense Committee 1972-1973.

Former positions:

- Commander, Second Infantry Division, 1951-1953

- Commander, First Infantry Division, 1953-1954

- Commander, II Tactical Corps Area, 1955-1959

- Commander, III Tactical Corps Area, 1959-1963

- Deputy Chairman, Lieutenant General Army Revolutionary Council, 1963

- Chief of Central Military Training Center concurrently RVNAF Inspector General, 1965

- Commander, I Tactical Corps Area, 1966

- Chairman, Senate Defense Committee, 1967-1968

- Head of the Social Democrat Bloc, 1970-1972

- Chairman, Senate Defense Committee, 1970-1972

- Publisher and Editor, Cong Luan (Public Opinion) daily

Who's Who In Vietnam
Vietnam Press, Saigon 1972

Courtesy of Adam Sadowski

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