Military Situation on Snoul Battleground
From 5/24/1971 to 5/31/1971

Based on
- Viet Cong documents,
- information provided by US Air Cavalry,
- electronic intercepts,
- Viet Cong prisoners captured by 1/8th Battalion,
- and information provided by Viet Cong retired officers living in Viet Nam.

Tran Van Thuong

Units of the 8th Task Force composed of: 8/5th Regiment Command Post, 1/8th Battalion, 2/8th Battalion, 3/8th Battalion, 2/7th Battalion, 3/9th Battalion, Artillery Battalion, and 1st Armored Cavalry Squadron;
were encircled by the5th and 7th VC Divisions composed of: 174/5th Regiment, 275/5th Regiment, E6/5th Regiment, 141/7th Regiment, 165/7th Regiment, 209/7th Regiment, attached with 2 artillery battalions and 2 anti-aircraft battalions (AA).