Planning Conference

Combined Operations in Binh Duong Province
6 September 1969


1. (U) A joint planning conference to discuss combined/coordinated operations in Binh Duong Province was held at Headquarters, 5th Infantry Division on 1500H 06 September 1969. Following personnel were present:

a. Major General Albert E. Milloy, CG, 1st Infantry Division (US)
b. Major General Nguyen Van Hieu, CG, 5th Infantry Division (ARVN)
c. Brigadier General Dennis P. McAuliffe, ADC-S, 1st Infantry Division (US)
d. Colonel David Fink, SA, 5th Infantry Division (ARVN)
e. LTC Fredrick Brown, G3, 1st Infantry Division (US)
f. LTC Gerard Dirks, G2, 1st Infantry Division (US)
g. Major Claude Clark, G3 Plans, 1st Infantry Division (US)
h. Major Trinh Dinh Dang, G3, 5th Infantry Division (ARVN)
i. Major Sidney L. Linver, G3A, 5th Infantry Division (ARVN)

2. (U) Major Clark presented the Task Organization, Missions, and Concept of Operations of OPLAN 22-69 (Danger Forward - Phase I).

3. (U) Major Dang presented the 5th Infantry Division plan for the conduct of combined/coordinated operations in Binh Duong.

4. (C) General Hieu elaborated upon the coordinating instructions in order to make the following points clear:

a. Three methods of operations would be employed: parallel procedures or separate AO's, combined operations with joint CP's, or cross attachment.

b. Units in joint fire support bases would be rotated every 30 days, units in Phuoc Long Province will be rotated every two months, units combined RF will be rotated every two months.

c. Regiments will be responsible for controlling all their battalions.

d. Binh Duong Province Chief will coordinate with military commanders for operations in direct support of pacification.

e. Battalion commanders will coordinate directly with only one US battalion commander; however, regimental commanders may coordinate with more than one brigade commander.

f. Wherever possible, military and political boundaries will coincide so as to avoid having a district chief coordinate with two or more battalion commanders in matters pertaining to direct support of pacification.

g. Area A is the direct responsibility of the Binh Duong Province Chief utilizing only RF/PF forces.

5. (U) Colonel Fink raised the point of a need to have a centralized control agency for the clearing and coordinating of all supporting fires. Both General Hieu and General Milloy agreed and directed their respective G3's to work out the details.

6. (U) General Milloy offered for consideration a draft of a joint letter of instruction that would define the coordination of effort in Binh Duong Province. General Hieu said he did not desire to issue a joint letter of instruction at this time but preferred rather to issue a separate plan to his commanders.

7. (U) The conference was concluded at 1600 hours.

Major Sidney L. Linver
G3 Advisor
Advisory Team 70