Sugarland 20 February 1999.

Dear Tin,

As Hieu's former friend in Hanoi 1950, I sincerely express my condolences to you and Hieu's family regarding his unjust death.

While awaiting to board the airplane for Dalat, I met Hieu and several other friends. We discussed about our coming adventure. Everybody was worried but after listening to him and to others who reasoned plausibly about the uncertain future of our country, everybody agreed that the new solution (Bao Dai) might bring in a better future than the present and nobody expected that there would be a military victory, but that a political solution would unify all non-communist national parties who would equally benefit from the outcome.

The situation has evolved as you can observe nowadays, with results different than expected but nonetheless along the line as predicted.

I sincerely praise Hieu concerning his gallant attitude and character. I sincerely offer my prayers and light up an incense stick in front of his picture and bid him farewell.

Micae Nguyen van Men alias Mike Men Van