Vice-Admiral Hoang Co Minh

1935 Born in Hanoi
1955 Graduate of 5th Class of Nhatrang Naval Officers
1955-1962 Assumed numerous tasks on naval ships and ground units
1962-1964 Commander of IV Section Naval Ships
1964-1966 Military Attaché in Seoul/South Korea
1966-1968 Commander of 1st Naval Ships
1969 Graduate of High Command and General Staff/Dalat
1969-1971 Deputy Chief of Political War, Naval Headquarters
1971-1974 Commander of 211st Amphibuous Forces
1974 Promoted to Vice-Admiral
1974-1975 Commander of II Coastal Region and 21st Special Task Force
1975 Refugee in United States
1976-1978 Founder of Overseas Vietnamese Military Personnel Force
1979 Founder of Overseas Vietnamese Military and Civilian Personnel Forces
1981 Leaved the United States to enter the resistance region
1980-1987 Chairman of MTQGTNGPVN
On 08/28/1987 Died while struggling for the liberation of Vietnam

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