General Cao Van Vien

Full Name: Cao Van Vien

Date and Place of birth: December 11, 1921, Vientiane, Laos

Family status: Married, four children


- Licentiate of Letters, Faculty of Letters, Saigon University, Saigon

- Graduate, Command and General Staff College, Forth Leavenworth, USA

- Vietnamese Parachute Training certificate

- Vietnamese Pilot Training certificate

- American Parachute (Advanced Training) certificate

- American Helicopter Pilot certificate

Present position: Chief, Joint General Staff, ARVN, October 14, 1965

Former positions:

- Second Lieutenant, Cap Saint Jacques Military School, 1949

- First Lieutenant, Deputy Head of Administrative Section, Defense Ministry, 1951

- Chief, Press and Information Section, Defense Ministry, 1951

- Captain, G2 Chief for Hung Yen Field Force, 1953

- Commander, 10th Battalion, 1953

- Chief of Staff, Hung Yen Field Force, 1953

- Major, G2 Chief for III Military Region, 1954

- G4 Chief for III Military Region, 1954

- Commander, 56th Battalion, 1954

- G4 Chief, Joint General Staff, ARVN, 1955

- Lieutenant Colonel, Chief of Staff, Special Military Staff, Presidency of the Republic, 1956

- Colonel, Commander, Airborne Brigade, 1960

- Brigadier General, Chief of Staff, JGS, 1964

- Commander, III Corps, 1964

- Major General, Chief, JGS, October 14, 1965

- Chief of JGS and Minister of Defense, 1967

- Chief of JGS, 1967

Decorations, awards:

- National Order of Vietnam, 1st class

- Army Distinguished Service order, 1st class

- Air Force Order 1st class

- Navy Distinguished Service Order, 1st class

- Gallantry Crosses (12 Citations: 8 with Palm, 2 with Silver Star, 2 with Brass Star)

- Air Gallantry Medal (Golden Wing)

- Hazardous Service Medal

- 10 Foreign Medals including three Korean, one Philippine, two Thai, two ROC and two American

Who's Who In Vietnam
Vietnam Press, Saigon 1967

Courtesy of Adam Sadowski

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