Operation Total Victory 46

1. Background. From May to July 1970, 5th Division participated in the military excursion into Cambodia with Operation Total Victory 46 in the Fish Hook area North of Loc Ninh.

This base area was considered to be used by the 5th NVA Division as a headquarters location and training area, and the 70th Rear Service Group which moved supplies down the Serges Jungle Highway. Elements of the 5th NVA Division were identified along with elements of the 70th Rear Service Group and its affiliated hospitals.

2. Mission. To attack and destroy the 70th and 80th Rear Service Groups: one hospital and one training center. Division elements will locate and destroy or evacuate enemy foods, ammunition, weapons and medical caches in the operational area.

3. Planning. In preparation for the Cambodian operation Commanding General Nguyen Van Hieu of the 5th Division with his G3, the CDAT commander, and the DCAT G3 made the initial area coordination with Commanding General Casey of the 1st Cavalry Division and his G3. Upon completion of this initial coordination the Assistant Division Commander of the 5th Division, the Commanding Officer of the 9th Regiment, and the DCAT G3 effected direct coordination with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (US). During the operation coordination was made by the 9th Regimental Commander and his DCAT Commander for the joint occupation of Fire Support Base Gonder by elements of the 9th Regiment and the 1st Cavalry Division.

4. Execution. Operation Total Victory 46 was conducted in 5 phases. Phase I was the attack phase. Phase II, III and IV were search and destroy phases. Phase V was the withdrawal phase.

Phase I: The attack began on 6 May 1970 when two battalions of the 9th Regiment conducted an air assault into separate landing zones just north of the border. On 11 May the 11th Armored Cav Regiment reinforced by the 5th Recon Company and one company from the 4th Battalion, 9th Regiment, moved north and joined the operation. During this phase thirteen contacts were made with the enemy and three significant caches were located.

Phase II: The same units participated in Phase II which began on 13 May. During ground reconnaissance operations and two airmobile operations there were seventeen contacts with the enemy and two significant caches were located.

Phase III: To begin Phase III on 27 May the 2d Battalion moved south out of Cambodia and the 1st and 3d Battalions moved into the operational area to join the 4th Battalion and the 11th Armored Cav Regiment. During this phase the ground reconnaissance continued along with two airmobile operations which resulted in seventeen contacts and the location of two significant caches. On 7 June, the 11th Armored Cav Regiment withdrew from the operation and moved south back into Vietnam.

Phase IV: During Phase IV two airmobile operations were conducted. There were a total of twelve contacts with the enemy and one significant cache discovered. On 12 June the 2d Battalion replaced the 4th Battalion in the operational area.

Phase V: The withdrawal phase began on 20 June. During the withdrawal there were six contacts and one cache was discovered. The last element cleared Cambodia on 27 June 1970.

Addendum 1: Task Organization of Operation Total Victory 46

Units Field Strength
9th Regiment, Headquarters 86
1st Battalion, 9th Regiment 450
2nd Battalion, 9th Regiment 450
3rd Battalion, 9th Regiment 450
4th Battalion, 9th Regiment 450
9th Reconnaissance Company 80
5th Reconnaissance Company 80
Armored Cavalry Regiment 365

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Tracked Vehicles

Tank M41A3 14
APC M113 36
Command Post Vehicle M577A1 4
Cargo Carrier M540 4
Flame Thrower M132 1
81mm Mortar Carrier M125A1 4
AVLB M113 1
VTR M578 2

Addendum 2: Statistics

Logistics Support.

a. Class I 15.5 tons
Fresh food 5.100 lbs
Rice 5.300 lbs
C-ration 13.000 meals
Water 1.510 gals
b. Class II 4020 lbs
Fatigues 445 sets
Boots 410 pairs
Socks 220 pairs
Tents 13 pieces
c. Class III 245.000 lit
Gasoline 124.000 liters
Diesel 120.000 liters
Oil 1.000 liters
d. Class IV 18 tons
Special and Miscellaneous Equipment
e. Class V 857.2 tons
Arty ammunition 808 tons
Small arms ammo 86.4 tons
Special ammo .8 tons

Total Personnel Airlifted: 510

Total Chinook (CH-47) Sorties: 26

Total Convoys: 8

Captured Weapons and Materials evacuated: 1.8 tons

Total enemy KIA: 79 (because the enemy avoided contacts)

Nguyen Van Tin
(source: DCAT70)