Republic of Vietnam
Army of Republic of Vietnam
III Army Corps
5 Infantry Division
Chief of Staff
G- 3
Number: 10597/SD5BB/TM/P3/19



I.- In order to examine the situation concerning intelligence, operations, personnel and logistics of 3rd Trimester 70, and to discuss plan for future activities in the tactical areas under the responsibility of 5th Division, a Commanding Staff Meeting was held at 1000H on 07 October 1970, chaired by the Division Commanding General.

II.- Participants:

a)- Vietnamese side:
- Assistant Division Commander/Chief of Staff
- Commander of 7th Regiment
- Commander of 8th Regiment
- Commander of 9th Regiment
- Commander of 1st Cavalry Squadron
- Deputy Commander of Binh Long Sector
- Deputy Commander of Binh Duong Sector
- Deputy Commander of Phuoc Long
- LTC, Division Artillery Headquarters
- Major, Polwar Office
- XO of G1,G2,G3,G4, Psywar, Political Indoctrination, Military Security, AG, Signal, IG, RF+PF.

b)- American Counterparts:
- Division Senior Advisor
- Division Assistant Senior Advisor
- 7th Regiment Advisor
- 8th Regiment Advisor
- 9th Regiment Advisor
- 1st Cavalry Squadron Advisor
- Binh Duong Sector Advisor
- Binh Long Sector Advisor
- Phuoc Long Sector Advisor
- G1 Advisor
- G2 Advisor
- G3 Advisor
- G4 Advisor
- Artillery Advisor

III.- Content.
A.- The Commanding General of 5th Division opened the meeting.

He declared:" As usual, we shall, first of all, re-evaluate the past trimester situation. Particularly this time, we have plan for redeployment of forces. We will hold discussion session dealing with action plan as well as re-deployment plan. Afterwards, I will have a few instructions for you to make preparation plans of future actions for this Division in the coming trimester. Now, I give the podium to Division Staff to present situation assessment and action results of the past trimester."

B.- Presentation.
G3 [...]
G1 [...]
G4 [...]
C.- Q&A concerning problems and Suggestions.
1.- 7th Regiment[...]
2.- 8th Regiment [...]
3.- 9th Regiment [...]
4.- 1st Calvary Squadron [...]
5.- Binh Duong sector [...]
6.- Binh Long sector [...]
7.- Phuoc Long sector [...]
D.- Instructions of 5th Division Commanding General
1.- Intelligence.
-Full use of intelligence technical devices: We must make full use of technical means provided to us such as sensors, etc. And so, all units must know how to operate with proficiency and make full use of these devices.
2.- Operations.
a) Use of Recon units: Regiment Commanders must improve Recon and LRRP units, make full use of these units in the search and destroy mission. First of all, you must infiltrate enemy inner sanctuaries to pinpoint their bases or stations of relay, and use the element of surprise to attack right at the heart of enemy bases.
b) Lack of coordination between units within the same area of responsibilities: Sectors and Regiments must coordinate closely. Each time there is enemy contact, boundary issues should not hamper enemy annihilation. You must make provisions for rapid and well-coordinated reaction elements of different units operating in the same area.
c) Concept of mission of Division in the coming trimester: Our Division mission is to search and destroy the enemy. Each unit will be assigned an objective and must make efforts days and nights to destroy that objective. Sectors can also apply this concept to RF and PF units. If we all apply this concept of search and destroy the enemy, we will be able to annihilate all enemy forces within a short time.
d) Issue of enemy mines prevention: At the present moment the enemy has become very weak, that is why they have to surround their bases with mines to protect their units. As a result, all unit commanders must especially pay close attention and make efforts to de-activate these mine fields; otherwise, we will suffer casualties with futility.
3.- Logistics:
Issue of military equipments and vehicles maintenance: Individual weapons maintenance have not been properly cared by different units. All units must reinforce maintenance provisions of military equipments, otherwise it would have negative influence on the tactical effectiveness of our Division.
4.- Issue of Strength: Although our Division ranks 2nd compared to 9 other Divisions of the whole nation in terms of few desertions, we must make further efforts to reduce the number of deserters and to increase the number of recruits.
5.- Special attention must be given to the issue of Communication Security: All units must use code in telephone communication. At this moment the enemy has signal-listening units and intercepts all communication by phone or by wireless system between units.
6.- Pacification and Development Program.
a) Consolidation of hamlets and villages: The Sectors should focus attention on populated areas, to push forward Pacification and Development Program of hamlets and villages. Specifically they must root up the VC infrastructure and its cadres who operate near the hamlets or in the heart of the hamlets.
b) Cut off enemy supply: Currently, rubber plantations have been allowed to operate again, lumbers are permitted to be cut, but the enemy can also sneak in to buy rice and collect taxes. All Sectors must particularly focus in preventing the enemy from having means to survive and to grow.

E.- The End.
After the instructions of the Commanding General the meeting ends at 1230H of the same day.

Commanding General of 5th Division