From the U.S. Generals and Military Commanders

15 December 1966

…As you know, I am vitally concerned in the war currently raging in your country and the events that led us to the present situation. For that reason I am interested in the campaign described so effectively in your book Why Pleime…

General Mark W. ClarK
USA, Ret.
Former Commander-in-Chief of the U.N. Forces in Korea

12 December 1966

…I am confident that those gallant officers and men who gave their lives in the course of the campaign would indeed be proud of your fine account of their role in combating the enemies of a Free World…

General Harold K. Johnson
Chief of Staff
The United States Army
(The Pentagon)

16 December 1966

…I want to express my sincere appreciation for your book Why Pleime. I have read it and found it to be compelling, informative and very inspiring.

I know that the officers and men who courageously gave their lives in that campaign for the cause of freedom would join their voices with mine in acclaiming Why Pleime as a most fitting tribute to their sacrifice. I have recommended your excellent book to my constituents… I extend to you and the gallant officers and men of II corps continued success as we march onward together, ever approaching the day of final victory over communist aggression…

Lieutenant General L.W. Walt
Commanding General
III Marine Amphibious Force

20 December 1966

…I have finished reading your fine book Why Pleime and found it most readable and enjoyable and found myself reliving those hectic, important days of last fall.

The mention which you made of me in the book was most kind and, believe me, is reciprocated in my own esteem of your splendid leadership characteristics. This book will become a treasured one in my personal library…

Major General Harry W.O.Kinnard
Acting Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development
The U.S. Department of the Army
Former Commander 1st Air Cavalry Division
(An Khe)

3 December 1966

…It was indeed a pleasure to read your very fine book Why Pleime. I would like to add my congratulations to you for writing this important document and also for the very important part that you and your Vietnamese troops played in this important military victory.

Your book portrays very clearly the importance for the highlands to Viet Nam and also the significance and importance that the North Vietnamese Command places on the control of this strategic area. As I mentioned to you the other day, your book made me realize for the first time how important this area was in the 1954 Campaign…

Major General John C.F. Tillson, III
Operations, MACV and USFFV

26 November 1966

…As you know, it was my good fortune to have been stationed at Headquarters I FFV during the battle of Pleime and subsequent battles in the vicinity of Chu Pong. I remember the incidents well and therefore I can say with certainty that your account of the battle and the events leading up to it are accurate and to the point. The book Why Pleime is very well done and serves admirably as a reference book on the operations during the period covered, as well as being a great tribute to the gallant soldiers who participated in the campaign.

Please accept my gratitude for your thoughtfulness and kindness in sending me a copy of your latest work. You are building an enviable reputation as an author…

Major General Paul F. Smith
Commanding General
173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate)
Former Chief of Staff, I FFV

28 December 1966

…I found your book Why Pleime so interesting that I couldn't put it down after I started it until I finished. It was a very good account of the battle and tied the strategic importance of that operation in with Viet Minh operations prior to 1954. I assure you that we will make a maximum use of it here at the United States Army Infantry School where it will be studied and analyzed in detail.

I congratulate you and your forces in the II Corps for the progress they have made in recent months…

Major General Robert H. York
Commanding General
The United States Army Infantry Center
Fort Benning

22 December 1966

I have read your book Why Pleime with interest and am now directing that it be placed in the Armor School Library. I know it will be of great value to our officer students in their studies of combat in Viet Nam…

Major General A.D. Surles, Jr
Commanding General
The US Army Armor Center

19 December 1966

…This account of the military campaign which took place during October-November 1965 will be of great interest, not only to myself, but also to those members of my staff and faculty here at the College who served in Vietnam…

Major General Eugene A. Salet
Commandant of the US Army War College
Carlisle Barracks

28 December 1966

…I read your book Why Pleime with interest. I also expect that it will prove to be useful to the members of the Faculty at the Command and General Staff College…

Major General Michael S. Davison
Commandant of the US Army Command and General Staff College
Fort Leavenworth

19 December 1966

…I have read your excellent book Why Pleime with intense interest. It is extremely well written, well documented and provides a lucid and comprehensive account of this vital campaign. It should prove of deep interest to all members of our armies, especially to those of us who were privileged to be in II Corps during the enactment of this great Allied victory.

Upon reading your book, I have sent it for circulation to the various officers of 1st Cavalry Division here at Fort Benning who are veterans of the Pleime campaign. Also, I am taking the liberty of using some of the information you provided as a basis for instruction of our officers here at the Infantry School…

Brigadier General James Simmons Timothy
Assistant Commandant
The United States Army Infantry Center, Fort Benning
Former Commander of the 1st Brigade, 101st Abn Div
Deputy Senior Advisor ARVN Second Army Corps