Major General Tran Van Minh

Full Name: Tran Van Minh

Date and Place of birth: August 19, 1923, Saigon, South Vietnam

Family status: Married, three children

Education: Advanced studies in Law

Present position: Ambassador of the Republic of Vietnam to Tunis, Tunisia

Former positions:

- Chief of Staff, RVNAF, 1953-1955

- Military Zone Commander, 1955-1957

- Commandant, Military Academy, 1957-1959

- Inspector General, 1959-1960

- Chief of General Staff and Commander in chief, RVNAF, 1964-1965

- Minister of Defense, 1965

Who's Who In Vietnam
Vietnam Press, Saigon 1966

Courtesy of Adam Sadowski

- General Minh's Medals

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