General Truong, I Corps Commander, was occasionally given credit for being a "honest man" and a "good officer", but some sources stated that he lacked the schooling for a Corps Command.

General Phu, II Corps Commander, was also described by some as a good combat officer, but also as a sick man unsuited for a higher command.

Fall Of South Vietnam: Statements by Vietnamese Military and Civilian Leaders
Stephen T. Hosmer, Konrad Kellen and Brian M. Jenkins

Notice: Among the 26 leading men interviewed, 22 were high-ranking officers (one general, eight lieutenant generals, two major generals, one brigadier general, and nine colonels). Half among these officiers held combat positions (chief of air force, chief of artillery, commander of I corps, commander of I corps forward, chief of the Capital Military District, deputy commander of I division); the other half held general staff positions. The following officers' names were mentioned: Tran Van Don, Nguyen Cao Ky, Lam Quang Thi, Lam Quang Tho, Nguyen Xuan Thinh, and Nguyen Duy Hinh).