Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Vy

Full Name: Nguyen Van Vy

Date and Place of Birth: January 16, 1916, Hanoi, North Vietnam

Family status: Married, six children


- Baccalaureate (Philosophy)

- University Studies (Economic and Social Science)

- Graduate, Tong Officers School, 1940

- Graduate, School of Command and Staff, Paris, 1950-1951

Present position: Minister for Defense in the Nguyen Van Loc government, November 1967

Former positions:

- Chief, Military Cabinet of the Chief of State, March 18, 1952

- Commander, Coastal Interzone concurrently Civil and Military Assistant to the Governor of Central Vietnam, March 10, 1954

- Acting Chief, General Staff, Vietnamese Army, October 1st, 1954

- Inspector General, Vietnamese Army, December 13, 1954

- Assistant Chief of Staff for Training, RVNAF, January 1, 1964

- Assistant to the Commander-in-chief concurrently Director of Cabinet, RVNAF Command, November 11, 1964

- Commandant, Quang Trung Training Center, February 20, 1965

- Commander, Training Command, RVNAF, June 6, 1966

- Chief of Staff, JGS-RVNAF, November 24, 1966 - November 1967

Decorations, awards:

- Grand Officer of the National Order of Vietnam

- Army Distinguished Service Order, 1st Class

- Air Force Distinguished Service Order, 1st Class

Who's Who In Vietnam
Vietnam Press, Saigon 1967

Courtesy of Adam Sadowski