Lieutenant General Nguyen Bao Tri

Full Name: Nguyen Bao Tri (Bao Giang, Cuu Long Giang)

Date and Place of birth: 1929, Hanoi, North Vietnam

Family status: Married, five children


- Schools of Law, Hanoi and Saigon

- Graduate, Nam Dinh Officer Candidate School (1st Promotion)

- Command and General College, Fort Leavenworth, USA

Present position: Commandant, Command and General Staff College, ARVNF

Former positions:

- Teacher

- Commander, 11st Infantry Division

- Commander, 21st Infantry Division

- Commander, 22nd Infantry Division

- Commander, 7th Infantry Division

- Commander, III Army corps and III Tactical Zone

- Information and Open Arms Minister, Nguyen Cao Ky Cabinet, 1966-1967

- Rural Reconstruction Minister, Nguyen Van Loc Cabinet, 1967

Decorations, awards: unavailable

Publications: Author,

- Dia Ly Cao Nguyen Mien Nam (Geography of Central Highland, South Vietnam) 1960

- Vai Tro Quan Doi o Cac Nuoc A Phi (The Role of the Armed Forces in Afro-Asian countries) 1965

- Hien Phap va Cong Quyen (Constitution and Public Rights) 1966

- Canh tan trong Lien tuc lich su (Reform within the historical continuity) 1967

- Nguoi Viet, Dat Viet (Vietnam, the land and the people) 1968

- Cao Nguyen Mien Thuong (The Central Highlands - associated with Toan Anh) 1969

- Truyen Thong Quan Su Viet Nam (The Vietnamese Military Tradition) 1970

- Dia Ly Quan Su Viet Nam, Kampuchea va Ai Lao (Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao Military Geography) 1972

Who's Who In Vietnam
Vietnam Press, Saigon 1972

Courtesy of Adam Sadowski

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