Montréal 03 March 1999.

Dear Tin,

I fully agree with your decision in wanting to solve the mystery of Hieu's death, because it was shrouded with many questionable details.

During the period Hieu was Commanding General of the 5th Infantry Division, I was a House Representative of the Congress, representing Binh Long sector, which was located within his Tactical Region, therefore we had ample contact opportunities. He was as pensive and quiet as before. Because he was a very able Commanding General, competent equally in strategy and tactics, and with his straightforwardness, directness, non-partisanship, honesty, he was respected by many people, but also disliked by a few. Many times when I came to the United States and visited some classmates who had also served together at the 3rd Corps, I inquired about the death of the Deputy Commander of the 3rd Corps, but did not succeed in gaining any revelations. But rest assured that one day, all will come clear, because there is nothing that can stay absolutely secret in this world. Who knows, the American advisors of the 3rd Corps might tell what they knew, and as far as our Vietnamese officers are concerned, maybe some might know something but are not ready to speak up? The majority of 3rd Class loved Hieu while we were training together at the Military Academy as well as while he became a competent General. Whenever I get some significant news, I will notify you. Let me join in with you in offering prayers for Hieu's soul to enjoy his stay in the Paradise and please convey my regards to Hieu's wife and children.

I wish you much success in your endeavors so that Hieu can smile at his resting place.


Duong Van Thuy