Garden Grove, January 20, 1999.

Dear Tin,

Some additional thoughts:

- I have read Hieu's life style: 100 percent accurate.

- How close I was with Hieu: at VNMA, same brigade, same room. At Khanh Hoi Housing Complex: Hieu lot 25, Long lot 23. At High Command and General Staff College (Leavenworth) same class, same room. At Bien Hoa, only 2 brothers went out together exclusively.

- Still confirm as in previous letter: Hieu died after the meeting on general review of the military situation of the day (after 6:00 p.m.). The past loss, be it intentional or accidental, will be exposed one day.

- Toan had gone through 2 operations, is now disabled: walking in the house with a cane, going outside using a 4-leg support, the head is no more lucid.


Ta Thanh Long

P.S. I am about to publish a Class Memory Book for the benefit of the coming generations. If possible, please send me some old photos of Hieu, his military biography, his promotions, his units commands, his medals, the success of his children. I am old, furthermore had stayed in prison for too long, I can no more recall things.