San Jose, September 13, 1999.

[through telephone]

Hieu distinguished himself by being extremely virtuous.

After our graduation, I had the opportunities to meet frequently with Hieu when we were both Major serving at Corps I: he as Chief of G3 General Staff, and I as Chief of Artillery Unit. Every weekend, we practiced pistol shooting. He was much better than me because he put much efforts in grooving his pistol to gain quickness. Maybe that was what later on caused his death?

We had the opportunities to see each other again often when he became 5th Division Commanding General at Corps 3 with General Do Cao Tri. At that time, my brother, General Lam Quang Tho, was Commanding General of the 18th Division, while I was the Superintendent of the Dalat Military Academy.

I wish you will soon publish your book, especially in its English version, so that the Americans would know about the various mysterious issues that occurred during the last years of the Vietnam War.

Lam Quang Thi