Graduates of VNMA Class 3 And General Hieu

On 10 February 1999, the following letter was sent out to Graduates of the Vietnamese Military Academy Class 3 Tran Hung Dao, inviting them to share their thoughts about their classmate Hieu and General Hieu:

New York 10 February 1999.

Dear Class 3rd/VNMA Graduates,

I am General Nguyen Van Hieu's younger brother. I currently have a website dedicated to General Hieu: his life, his album, his death and his military exploits at the following URL address:

I request that you contribute a few lines expressing your thoughts about my brother to be inserted in the section: 3rd Class/VNMA Graduates and General Hieu.

I propose that you include in your article the following topics: self-introduction (military career and positions); personal thoughts on classmate Hieu; personal thoughts on General Hieu. The length of the article is left to your discretion.

Please send your response to:

Tin Nguyen
1144 Simpson Street
Bronx, NY 10459

fax: (718) 617 4623


I sincerely appreciate your warm feelings toward my brother.

Nguyen Van Tin

Response letters will be posted in the order they are received.