Operation Loc Ninh
Annex "A": Intelligence

Number: 08/21/BTL/SD5BB
Lai Khe XT.765.385

Reference: Operation order TT.09/B/5
Map of Vietnam, scale: 1/100,000
Sheets # 6231 - 6232 - 6331 - 6332

I.- General Situation

The operational area is the area belonging to Loc Ninh District/Binh Long Province - limited to the North by the Vietnam-Cambodia border - to the East by Song Be, to the South by Suoi Cat. The terrain is quite complex, 45% consist of woods of trees intertwined with bamboos creating obstacles to troops movement, 35% consist of rubber plantation. Populated and fruit growing areas occupy 25%.

Taking advantage of the closeness of the area to the border and of Song Be corridor, the VC have established in this area several base camps, in particular from Base Camp 350, the VC infiltrated frequently deep to Highway 14A, ambushed isolated convoys, detonated mines and stopped vehicles to collect tax.

II.- Information Obtained:

Summary of information gathered from prisoners and documents:

- According to testimony from VC Medical/Aspirant Lieutenant Le Ba Phat of D368th Battalion, defected in 7/70, D368th Battalion had established many base camps in this area, such as Staging Camp (TBD.XU.840010), spare parts and maintenance warehouse and information service station (TBD.XU.861045).

- According to a highly reliable source, at TBD.XU.915031 VC has just established a new base camp comprising 25 bunkers which can fit in 250 men, this could be a new VC base camp. In the reconnaissance operation on 12/18/1970, the 5th Recon Company discovered 10 bunkers at (TBD.XU.912025) see map.

- In South East of Loc Ninh, according to signals picked up by sensors, a VC regiment sized unit (E6?) has infiltrated inside VN: on 12/22 at XU.837234, on 12/23 at XU.793110, on 12/24 at XU.792113, on 12/25 at XU.762076.

In addition, other information as following:

21.- 368th Mobile Battalion:
Commander : Major Huynh Phuc Khang
Deputy Commander : Captain To Minh Diep
Political Cadre : Captain Huynh Van Bang
Effective : 100
Location : TBD.XU.875045

22. VC Province Chief of Binh Long, code name C55:
Chief : Nam Thanh
Deputy Chief : Tu Binh
Executive Officer : Ba Hung
Effective : 20
Location : TBD.XU.8224

*- Company protection of VC Province Chief, code name CK4:
Commander : Nguyen Van Nhan
Deputy Commander : Nguyen Van Ngon
Political Cadre : Tran Van Phuc
Effective : 20
Operational Area : Protection of Province Chief
Location : TBD.XU.815227

23.- VC District Chief of Loc Ninh, code name C65:
Chief : Nam Beo
Deputy Chief : Ut Nho
Political Cadre : Tu Hoai
: Muoi Cao
Effective : 18
Location : TBD.XU.6517

*- Combat Platoon 02/Loc Ninh:
Leader : Thanh
Deputy Leader : Nghia
Effective : 18
Location : TBD.XU.780195

*- Combat Platoon 03/Loc Ninh:
Leader : Dong
Deputy Leader : Son
Effective : 15
Location : TBD.XU.660095

*- Combat Platoon 05/Loc Ninh:
Leader Unidentified
Deputy Leader : Thanh
Effective : 12
Location : TBD.XU.8208

24.- VC District Chief of An Loc, code name C55:
Chief : Ba Mao
Deputy Chief : Nam Sao
Political Cadre : Ba Ba
: Muoi Soi
Effective : 10
Location : TBD.XU.8903

*- Combat Platoon K1/An Loc:
Leader : Nam Trieu
Deputy Leader : Sau Phan
Effective : 12
Location : TBD.XU.830946

*- Combat Platoon K2/An Loc:
Leader : Ba Dung
Deputy Leader : Nam An
Effective : 15
Location : TBD.XT.9191

III.- Intelligence Elements and Needs:

31- Look for location and tunnel and destroy

32- Eradicate elements mentioned in paragraph II

33- Record enemy communication lines, movement corridor

34- Monitor and report all enemy troop movements

IV.- Research:

41- Research information related to paragraph II

42- Research on E6 Regiment – Activities of CT5

43- Research on the current organization of D368th Battalion

V.- Monitoring and Reconnaissance:

- Report information on enemy, including strength, time, location, name of units

- All tracks on troop movement axe


61- Apply regulations related to prisoners’ detention, when on transit, prisoners should be tightly blind-folded

62- Forward all documents captured immediately to CP/HQ by the fastest means

VII.- Counter-intelligence Security:

Apply guidelines related to security, location, documents, personnel.

VIII.- Received at G2/5th Division

IX.- Report and Distribution:

- Response signal: radio

- Distribution: According to operation order

APO. 4.287, 29 December 1970
Major General Nguyen Van Hieu
5th Infantry Division Commander

Captain Tran Van Be
Chief of Intelligence Special Unit
G2 Bureau Executive Officer