Subject : Re: SNOUL BATTLE
Date : Tue, 28 Oct 2003 08:01:46 -0600

Dear Tin,

General Hieu visited 1/8th Battalion at Snoul a lot of times. 1/8th Battalion was a battalion operating alone at the farthest outpost, the deepest one within enemy sanctuary. General Hieu told me the truth about B52, "Don't believe in the Americans' promise about B52; you must relie on your own resources to survive at this outpost position that ought to be held at all costs if you don't receive the order to withdraw. You must take initiatives in the matter of securing the lives of your battalion and of the armored company which are attached to your unit. If I give the order to withdraw, you must give a make-belief order to hold at all costs in the radio, because the Viet Cong certainly will hear clearly in the radio, and ask Colonel Dzan to have B52 bomb the route along which you plan to withdraw your troops. Afterwards, withdraw swiftly!" I had followed General Hieu's plan, and had brought back 1/8th Battalion and the armored compagny intact to the CP/8Reg, with minor losses in the first phase of withdrawal. The CP/8Reg overheard the Viet Cong yelling, "They dupped us well!"