General Do Cao Tri

Full Name: Do Cao Tri

Date and Place of birth: November 20, 1929, Binh Tuoc, Bien Hoa, South Vietnam

Family status: Married, six children


- Baccalaureate Part II, Petrus Ky High School, Saigon

- Graduate, Do Huu Vi Officer Class, 1947

- Graduate, Infantry School, Auvour, France, 1948

- Graduate, General Staff and Command Class, Hanoi, 1953

- Graduate, Command and General Staff College, Forth Leavenworth, USA, 1958

- Air ground operation school, Fort Kisler, USA, 1958

Present position: Commander, III Corps and III Military Region, since August 5, 1968

Former positions:

- Commander, Airborne Brigade, 1954-1956

- Commander, III Military Region, 1956-1958

- Commander, I Corps, 1962-1963

- Commander, II Corps concurrently Government Delegate to the II Corps Area, 1964

- Ambassador of the Republic of Vietnam to Korea, 1967-1968

Decorations, awards:

- National Order of Vietnam, 1st class

- Army Distinguished Service order, 1st class

- Gallantry Cross with Gold Star(17 citations)

- Training Service Honor Medal, 1st class

- Civil Action Hnor Medal, 1st class

- Psywar Medal

- Police Medal

- Administrative Service Medal, 1st class

- Legion d'Honneur, France

- ULJI National Order, Republic of Korea

- White Elephant Medal, 2nd class Thailand

- Van Huy Medal, 1st class, Republic of China

Who's Who In Vietnam
Vietnam Press, Saigon 1971

Courtesy of Adam Sadowski

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