From: HQ/5Div/G3

To: Binh Duong Sector - 9th Regiment - 1st Armored Cavalry -5th Engineer Battalion

Re: Message # 1587/101/H2/M dated 29/12/70 of 3rd Corps.

1. 9th Regiment

a. After accomplishing operation HQ/TT236S/B/70 on 30/12/1970, 9th Regiment has 3 rest days, from 1 January 1971.
b. 9th Regiment will prepare for an operation crossing the border into Fish Hook area northwest of Loc Ninh, XU.4629-41619-6019-6029. The Operation will last about 7 to 10 days, from Day D: 4 Jan 71.
c. 9th Regiment will have following units: 74th Ranger Battalion, Armored Cavalry Squadron, 5th Engineer Company, beginning day D-1 until the end of the operation.
Regiment is requested to recon the area of operation, to plan for the operation and all needs and means then report capacity to participate in the operation to the HQ/Div in day D-2 to be reviewed by High Authority.

2. Binh Long Sector

a. Responsible for conducting operation inside the country during the period TF9 performed across the border operation.
b. Coordinate with TF9 in providing security for the supply route to the area of operation in the above-mentioned period.
c. Detach 74th Ranger Battalion to TF9 in day D-1 until the end of the Operation.

3. 1st Armored Cavalry.

Reinforce 1 Armored Cavalry Squadron to TF9 from day D-1 0900H during the whole period of the Operation.

4. 5 Engineer Battalion.

Reinforce to TF9 1 Engineer Company (-) with 2 bulldozers from day D-1 0900H during the Operation period.

Major General Nguyen Van Hieu