From: HQ/5DIV/G3
To: Task Force 9

1. HQ/5DIV was informed that 24 Feb 71, there were several enemy activities detected by US 1/9 Cavalry Co in Task Force 9 Area of Operation as following:

At 0745H Cavalry Co in observation at XU.493495 detected tracks of trucks (fresh) at XU.4444 going to southeast direction.

At 0815H - 1 LOH was hit at the tail and had to land at Loc Ninh for repair. Afterwards, tactical helicopters immediately attacked, resulting in 1 enemy KIA, 3 bunkers and 2 huts destroyed.

At 1030H at XU.535301- 1 LOH in observation mission was shot by the VC at the tail and had to land at Loc Ninh for repair.

At 1054H - Cavalry Co observed at XU.579295 one ox cart transporting 200 kg of rice.

At 1105H Cavalry Co discovered 10 VC with 10 ammo-boxes and 1 AK47. Helicopters immediately fired and the enemy fired back, resulting in 5 enemy KIA.

At 1231H Cavalry Co observing at XU.547285 saw 2 huts in good condition, 5 containers of rice, 100 kg each, several 200 liter containers, several concertina bunkers. Helicopters destroyed this site.

At 1300H observing at XU.531303 saw 1 bicycle, several rice bags, 25 small huts on a road going north-south and 1 person in monk outfit.

At 1345H at XU.462325 discovered 3 MG positions (fresh), 4 huts and 3 bunkers with cover. The enemy fired at the airplane. Helicopters immediately fired back, resulting in 1 enemy KIA, 3 huts and 2 bunkers destroyed.

At 1645H helicopter in observation mission intercepted enemy Radar signals at XU.6821.

At 1750H observing at XU.530300 discovered several 200 liter drums, 20 bicycles, 100 rice bags loaded onto bicycles, 10 tents, several bunkers with cover and several dwellings. Helicopters immediately destroyed this site.

2. HQ/5DIV and TF9 have not been notified by US Cavalry Co about the above mentioned data. Requests TF9 to coordinate closely with Cavalry unit. Use liaison officer to accompany helicopter of US Cavalry Co to report all information regarding enemy activities discovered by this unit. In order for TF9 to take proper reaction to exploit significant targets, TF9 must have 1 Company in reserve in each Battalion to be in the ready to react in case of an attack. Including the Battalion in reserve at HQ/TF9. These units in reserve must be ready to be heli-lifted to perform 30 minutes after receiving orders.

3. TF9 acknowledged receipt between G3/Div with Adjutant Lieutenant Lich Reg9 at 250930H/02/71.

Major General Nguyen Van Hieu