Number 17/17
Lai Khe XT770380

Re/Map 1/100.000 sheet # 6233, 6232,6231, 6333, 6332, 6331
Re/Message Total Victory 3/B/5

Task Organization
1. HQ/TF9 and 9th Regiment Recon will have the following units.

a. Personnel: 01 officer G2; 01 officer G3; 01 officer G4
b. Support: HQ, 5th Engineer Battalion; 01 signal group (20 persons); 02 demolition Engineer Squad; 01 bulldozer D4.
2. Combat units: a. 2/9th Battalion; b. 4/9th Battalion

3. Tactical support units: a. 01 Artillery unit 105mm; b. 01 (-01 squad) Artillery unit 155mm

I. Situation

a. Enemy - unchanged
b. Friendly units - Re: message Total Victory 3/B/5
c. Attachments and Detachments:
(1) Attachments: 173th Tactical Helicopter Squadron continue to support 5DIV; Group "C", 3/17 Cavalry will continue to support 5DIV.
(2) Detachments: continue to detach 1 Armored Cavalry Regiment back to Cavalry Division; continue to detach 2/7th Battalion to military capital district.

II. Mission: 5Div cross over the border to destroy Rear Service Group 70 and 80's hospital and training center located in area north Loc Ninh. Elements of 5DIV will search and destroy or evacuate caches of food, ammunition, weapons and pharmaceutical products in the area of operation.

III. Execution

a. Concept of Operation:(1) Prepare the area of operation with B-52; (2) use helicopter to disembark 2 infantry battalions to attack the area of operation and use an informant as guide to search the area of operation. Expected period is 7 days. Orders will follow.
b. 9th Regiment: (1) detach recon squad to Binh Duong and Binh Long sector beginning 06800H/5/70; (2) use 2 battalions (2/9th and 4/9th) to be heli-lifted into areas XU7013-8213-8422-8430-7030 to destroy Rear Service Group 70 and 80, an enemy hospital and a training center in area XU800240-815265; (3) Regiment will plan the whole operation then send the plan to G3/5DIV.
c. Binh Long Sector: (1) responsible of security of supply route from Ban Long to Loc Ninh; (2) protect US Engineer squad repairing highway between Chon Thanh and An Loc; (3) receive one recon squad beginning 060800H/5/70.
d. Phuoc Long Sector: (1) attach one PF and one group of RF to area Bo Duc on D-1 for 3/9th Battalion to participate the operation on day N.
e. Binh Duong Sector: (1) receive one recon squad beginning 060800H/5/70; (2) responsible for security according of message Total Victory 3/B/5.
f. Fire Power Supports:

(1) Artillery: (a) HQ/53th Bn; (b) 155mm Arty Squad - Ben Cat; 155mm Arty Squad - Lai Khe
(2)Air support: (a) LOH; (b) air cavalry (air support from day D to D+6); (c) combat helicopters will prepare landing zone on day N at H-50 to H-30; (d) combat and luminous rocket launching helicopters will be on standby from day N to day D+6.

g. Unit in reserve: 3/9th Battalion in Chon Thanh.
h. Coordination order: Day D is 6 May 70.

IV. Administration and Logistics: (a) use in effect SOP; (b) request for re-supply by C-47 helicopters must be submitted to HQ/DIV at 0900H of the previous day.

V. Command and Signal: (a) Signal: use in effect SOI; (b)Command: (1) CP/DTA32/HQ/DIV in Lai Khe 9XT770380); (2) HQ/9th Regiment in Loc Ninh (XU.787167)

Major General Nguyen Van Hieu
Commanding General of 5th Division