-Colonel CO of TF8
-Major CO of 1st Armored Cavalry Squadron
Republic of Vietnam
III Corps
Number: 3685/BCH/HQ/SD5/P3/M

Subject: Operation Guidance for phase III of Operation TT02/71/B5/KB.
Reference: CTHQ number 473/BCH/TP/QD3/P3/M dated 27/4/71 of 3rd Corps (KPB)

I. Situation.

a/ Enemy:

(1)- Following the past different phases of the over the border operation, although having suffered heavy lost, the enemy still has the capacity to create ambushes, attacks and mortar shellings to bog down our units, and also to secure their caches and supply facilities.

(2)- The enemy uses combat and anti-air sites located in the area to plan units from squad level up to attack, mortar shell to inflict damages to our units.

(3)- According to information received from 23 April 1971, elements of the main force of the enemy have withdrawn out of our reach in the area of operation; but with mobility tactic, after 48 hours the enemy is capable of mobilizing units at Regiment level, reinforced by an Arty Battalion to attack our operational units when at a propitious time for them.

b/ Friend:

(1)- TF of 18DIV and 25DIV continue to operate in the same area as before (unchanged).

In the coming period, 18DIV and 25DIV coordinate short-term operational organization priority in area north Highway QL7 southeast plantation Chup, expected 10 days beginning day D to be announced.

(2)- Task Force 8 unchanged in strength: 5 Infantry Battalions; 1 Ranger Bn in Loc Ninh; 1 squad PR (Binh Long Sector); 1 Armored Cavalry Squadron.

II. Mission. Continue mission assigned, use remaining dry season to maintain and reinforce attack posture in phase III of operation TT02/21/85/NB: search and destroy enemy and at the same time prevent enemy infiltration into our territory.

III. Planning Guidance.

a/ In area Snoul, TF8 will increase Recon operation to search and destroy the enemy, elements of 5Div will discover enemy caches in the vicinity area of Snoul, and will control tightly Highway QL13 from Loc Ninh to Snoul.

b/ Make plan to reinforce units at base camp #4(XU.65268) to replace 52nd Ranger Bn. This unit will withdraw to south to rest in Alpha camp base.

c/ In order to inflict damages to the enemy and destroy enemy facilities in the operational area, research and plan to use tactical and strategic air supports then launch operation to search the enemy.

d/ Tactical Supports.

(1) Artillery: Mobile Arty directly support and increase fire power in fire range as requested. Use concentrated fire power to destroy significant targets.

(2) Air Force: Support as needed by operational planning of the Task Force.

(3) US Air Cavalry Squads: B/3/17/Cavalry Squad provides helicopter supports in operational area of TF8; A/3/87/Cavalry Squad is attached to TF8 beginning 01/5/71. Air recon from longitude 50 to west in area related to tactics/Div.

c/Instructions on coordination:

(1) Frequently remind units under command to securely defend base and camping sites. Dig defensive and combat fox holes to counter enemy ground and mortar attacks.

(2) Apply formula of tandem Infantry-Armored Cavalry in operational planning to attack enemy targets on a favorable ground.

(3) Timely report back to CP/HQ/DIV all enemy contacts and significant events, accurate results must also be provided swiftly to correct preliminary reports.

IV. Regarding administrative and logistics matters as well as command and signal matters, apply procedures currently in effect.

V. Send detailed operational planning of Task Force to CP/HQ/DIV as soon as possible Day D will be determined later.
APO. 4207, 04 May 1971
5th Infantry Division Commanding General