General Hieu's Photo Album
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h11a-Delivering a Speech
h12-5DIV Commanding General
h12a-I Corps Deputy Commander (Da Nang 1972)
h12b-With General Tri (Lai Khe 1970)
h12c-With a US 1st Infantry Division Officer
h12e-Delivering an Eulogy of Colonel Roy Couch
h12f-General Hieu at Lai Kh
h12g-With General Minh (May 1971)
h13-Rewarding Soldiers
h14-Helicopter Lift with Colonel Nguyen Thanh Chuan, 3rd Corps Ranger Commander.
h16-Inspecting Battlefield with LTC Le Tat Bien, 33rd Ranger Group Commander.
h17-Comforting Soldiers
h18-Piloting Combat Jet (Bien Hoa 1970)
h18a-Piloting Helicopter with Colonel John Hayes
h19-22Div Commanding General
h19a-With 2nd Corps Allied Commanders
h19b-Rewarding Majors Payne and Shrader of the 174th Assault Helicopter Company
h19c-As President Thieu's Aide-de-Camp in a State Visit to Taiwan (May 30, 1969)
h110-Weight-Lifting (Lai Khe 1970)
h110a-5th Infantry Division Command
h111-Visiting Mgr Jean Cassaigne
h112-Comforting Mgr J.Cassaigne
h113-Anti-corruption Minister
h114a-Conversing with American Officials at III Corps (1975)
h115-III Corps Deputy Commander (1975)
h116-Gen Hieu with Gen Lu Lan and Gen Toan at III Corps HQ (1975)
h21-Handsome Couple (1952)
h21a-Hanoi January 13, 1953
h22-Marriage (1954)
h23-Honeymooners (Summer 1954)
h24-Parents Visiting Sao Mai School(Da Nang)
h25-Vacationing (Qui Nhon 1968)
h31-6 Month Old Dung (1955)
h31a-Cam (1956)
h32-1 Year Old AnhThu (1959)
h33-Dung, Cam (1959)
h34-Dung, Cam, Hoang, AnhThu, ThuHang, ThuHa (1973)
h35-ThuHa,ThuHang, AnhThu (1982)
h36-Children and Their Families at the 35th Anniversary Commemoration in Alexandria, Virginia (4/8/2010)
h37-Children and Their Families Virginia (12/13/2014)
h38-Extended Family celebrating the 40th anniversary of resettlement in the United States (Virginia 07/06/2015)
h39-Extended Family celebrating Christmas (Virginia 25/12/2017)
Parents, Siblings
h41-Father, Step-Mother, Nha, Lich (Hanoi 1953)
h42-Just out of Re-education Camp (Saigon 1982)
h43-Handsome Elder (82 years old)
h44-Mother (Tientsin 1932)
h44b-Mother (15 years old)
h45-Father and Siblings - Tri, ThuyHoa, Tin (1972)
h46-Visiting (Binh Duong 1969)
h47-Visiting (Lai Khe 1970)
h48-Four Generation Reunion (Philadelphia 8/1998)
h49-Mr. Huong reaches 100 (Philadelphia 8/2003)
Handsome Youth
h50-Hieu at 10 years old
h51-Visiting Saigon Botanical Garden (1949)
h51a-With Nghia, a cousin
h52-Motorbicycling (Hanoi 1950)
h52a-Hieu, Tiet, Tri, Tin, Hoa (Hanoi 1950)
h53-Chatting: Son, Hieu, Tri, Tin, Phuc (Hanoi 1950)
h54-Civilian Lieutenant (Hadong 1953)
h54a-VNMA Cadets Hieu, Lu Lan (MG), Nguyen Ngoc Oanh (BG, VNAF)
h55-Civilian Captain (Nhatrang 1959)
h56-Civilian Major (San Francisco 1963)
h57-Colonel (Do Xa Campaign)
h57a-Colonel, II Corps Chief of Staff (Pleiku 1964)
h57b-Colonel, 22nd Infantry Division Commander(Kontum, 9/1964)
h58-Colonel (Central Highlands 1965)
h59-Colonel (Vung R 1965)