Sensor Operations

1. General: During Operation Total Victory 8/B/5 excursion into Cambodia, General Hieu secretly inserted two operations implanting sensors around Snoul. The purpose of the implant was to gather intelligence concerning the movement of personnel in the Snoul area after friendly units had been withdrawn. The types of sensors used were seismic and magnetic. The devices were to be monitored by the US 1st Cavalry Division from a site on Nui Ba Ra

2. Execution:

a/ Three Electronic Combat Teams consisting of approximately fifteen men were used on the sensor implant operation.

b/ On 6 and 8 November 1970, a total of forty sensors were implanted in eleven strings. The devices were implanted by hand and airdropped using VNAF helicopters. The main areas of concentration were along road networks to the north and south of Snoul.

c/ After implant, it was discovered that the monitoring cite at Nui Ba Ra was unable to pick up signals from the devices. A decision was then made to establish an alternate site at Loc Ninh. The station was monitored 24 hours a day by 5th ARVN Division personnel.

Tab A: Location of Devices Implanted 6 November 1970
String Type Coordinates
A Minisid XU 576435
A Minisid XU 574435
A G Sid XU 573433
A G Sid XU 572434
B Minisid XU 602464
B Minisid XU 603436
B G Sid XU 598460
B G Sid XU 599463
C Minisid XU 614448
C Minisid & Magid XU 612453
C G Sid XU 617447
C G Sid XU 610450
D Minisid XU 637453
D Minisid & Magid XU 630450
D G Sid XU 633450
D G Sid XU 635452
Tab B: Location of Devices Implanted 8 November 1970
String Type Coordinates
E Adsid XU 553536
E Adsid XU 552533
E Adsid XU 554531
F Adsid XU 559512
F Adsid XU 558514
G Adsid XU 576503
G Adsid XU 575499
H Adsid XU 585470
H Adsid XU 583476
H Adsid XU 583473
I Minid & Magid XU 595324
I G sid XU 605318
I G sid XU 605320
I G Sid XU 594325
J Minisid & Magid XU 649276
J G sid XU 653276
J G sid XU 652277
J G sid XU 649277
K Adsid XU 536308
K Adsid XU 534304

Nguyen Van Tin
(source: DCAT70)